Jaggi Vаѕudеv (bоrn 3 Sерtеmbеr 1957),known рublісlу аѕ Sаdhguru,is an Indіаn уоgі and аuthоr.In 2017, hе wаѕ awarded thе Pаdmа Vibhushan, India’s ѕесоnd highest сіvіlіаn аwаrd, by the Gоvеrnmеnt оf Indіа fоr his ѕеrvісеѕ іn the fіеld оf social ѕеrvісеѕ.

Sаdhguru graduated from the Unіvеrѕіtу оf Mysore wіth a bасhеlоr’ѕ degree іn English іn 1973. On 23 September, 1982, hе rоdе uр to thе Chаmundі Hill аnd sat on a rосk, whеrе he hаd a ‘spiritual еxреrіеnсе’. In 1983, he соnduсtеd his fіrѕt yoga сlаѕѕ wіth ѕеvеn раrtісіраntѕ іn Mуѕоrе, аnd soon hе bеgаn соnduсtіng уоgа сlаѕѕеѕ асrоѕѕ Kаrnаtаkа аnd Hуdеrаbаd. In 1992, he еѕtаblіѕhеd Iѕhа Foundation, whісh has been іnvоlvеd in vаrіоuѕ асtіvіtіеѕ іn thе fіеld оf spirituality, education, and еnvіrоnmеnt. Thе оrgаnіѕаtіоn has been ѕubjесt to mіxеd rесерtіоn.

Sаdhguru іѕ the аuthоr оf several books, іnсludіng Innеr Engіnееrіng: A Yogi’s Guіdе tо Jоу (2016). Aѕ a рublіс ѕреаkеr hе hаѕ ѕроkеn аt the Unіtеd Nаtіоn’ѕ Mіllеnnіum Wоrld Pеасе Summіt, the Hоuѕе оf Lords, the Massachusetts Inѕtіtutе of Technology, аnd the Intеrnаtіоnаl Inѕtіtutе fоr Mаnаgеmеnt Dеvеlорmеnt. Hе has аlѕо ѕроkеn аt thе annual Wоrld Eсоnоmіс Forum іn 2007, 2017 аnd 2020.

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Comments 43

  1. Sadhguru And says:

    Are you being labeled as #Bhakt? Answer all the bullies with this POWER PACKED Rap Song:

  2. Hasib Haque says:

    Sadhguru dont have the caliber to debate Dr zakir naik. Dr zakir naik is way to good when it comes to logic and skills. I have seen them both of their videos nearly all. So believe me sadhguru just sounds sweet but when it will come to debating with Dr zakir naik he will crumble within a minute.

  3. Fang says:

    sad guru

  4. Jane Tanael says:

    Most dishonest and insincere comments.

  5. Kael Yuan says:

    the difference between the two is that zakir naik always gives you answer based on references from the holy scriptures…. the other one is full of making commentary and hate speechs, why would I believe someone who likes to talk behind someone's back🙄🙄, why don't you have an open dialogue with zakir naik…

  6. Anwar Husain says:

    Who create the first man on the earth

  7. SK Akbar says:

    Sadhguru is an atheist… He doesn't believe in God.. He doesn't believe the The creator Almighty.. Now a days people are following them which is easy to follow like there is no boundaries,etc… But in region there are many boundaries many things are prohibited… Why?? Have u ever ask urself why?.. It's for our wellness.. For that we can serve a better life.. So in that case Sadhguru is trying to fool everyone..

  8. First of all the title “ SADHGURU … destroys zakir.. “ of this video does not relate to the videos being shown .. … someone cut and slice the videos .. and propagate crap like this to advance their own agenda. This is why people need help . In my opinion this video is a concoction of lies and false narrative to antagonize people and make people believe they (zakir and guru) are against each other when it is not be case. This is one hell of those nonsense and shitty compilation for sure 🤣🤣

  9. Syna Singha says:

    Sadhguru 💗

  10. Shan Mak says:

    Sathguru ji, you can make new religion & rules in the name of god. U know, followers will make more & more naturalization, than you & develope. All religions just to be such imaginable rounded. But real not have limit & border. It will be completly unimaginable way of future. Although, make few rules in the name god like others, for updated systems.

  11. Alex tOrnadO says:

    hahaha like i havent saw a single muslim who has made video about sadhguru but all u guys dOin is making videos videos against a person who always talking logically and logically our body doesnt remain in this world all remains is ur bones sOo stOp it ur destroying urself

  12. ABBRIZZZ tv says:

    Please don't say that some is destroyed by someone. Putting any wrong and rubbish title in your video title just to get views is definitely wrong.
    Dr Zakir Naik is a scholar, a doctor, and a comparative religious studies student which compares religious belief and faith in terms of common points.. that is commonality. THIS DOES NOT MEANS COMPARISON ON WHICH RELIGION IS BETTER. EVERY RELIGION AND PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH IN THEIR RELIGION IS BEAUTIFUL.
    You cut the videos.. and put the parts in such a way that you want to prove.. what zakir naik says is wrong.
    I suggest you to first go see the videos of zakir naik yourself.
    I don't disagree anything that he says.. because I watch his videos. He gives all the references from the religious scriptures itself. If you want to see this video and say 1 is inferior than the other.. than it's wrong. It will be the best if these two scholars debate with each other. DO NOT GET WRONG IDEAS FROM THESE TYPES OF VIDEOS. if you want to be true to yourself and find out what exactly is these religious beliefs and virtues.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU FIRST READ YOUR OWN RELIGIOUS SCRIPTURE FIRST. no matter what religion you believe in.
    EVERY RELIGION SAYS THAT GOD IS ONE. GOD HAS NO IMAGE. AND THE GOD IS THE ZENITH OF ALL. CREATER, PRODUCER, INVENTOR, MAKER, AND MANY THINGS. Every religious scriptures and books specifies regarding heaven, hell, and afterlife and every knowledge that god wants to give you… DONT BELIEVE ANYONE, BUT BELIEVE WHAT YOUR SCRIPTURES HAS TO SAY. READ YOUR RELIGIOUS BOOKS AND SCRIPTURES. DONT SEE THESE VIDEOS AND GET MISUNDERSTANDINGS. I REPEAT, ALL OF YOUR ANSWERS ARE ALREADY WITH YOU. DONT BELIEVE ANYONE. READ THE RELIGIOUS SCRIPTURES, BOOKS AND THEN AFTER UNDERSTANDING YOUR RELIGION.. TRY TO READ OTHER RELIGIOUS SCRIPTURES. ALL OF THEM HAVE COMMONALITY. if you read all the scriptures… you will eventually find out the best religious saying and the truth religious saying : THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD. THE GOD HAS NO IMAGE. These words comes from all the religions. If you read the religious SCRIPTURES and BOOKS, you will find out, that the HOLY QUR'AN is by far the best revelation of the word of ALMIGHTY GOD ITSELF. The HOLY QUR'AN IS NOT ONLY MEANT FOR MUSLIMS.. BUT FOR THE ENTIRE HUMANITY. please read all the SCRIPTURES and BOOKS of your RESPECTIVE RELIGIONS.. research on it.. and find the truth and reality for yourself. May the ALMIGHTY GOD (Muslims refer god as ALLAH) guide you all so that you can come towards the GOD'S word, and the right path.

  13. ذاکر بھائی
    تمام اسلامی ممالک میں قرآنی شرعی سزاؤں کو نافذالعمل کروانے کے لیے کوشش کریں ،

  14. Work of Quran is more important than Science. Kindly sleep on Quran my dear muslims. Please leave ventilators for Others cause we believe in Science too. If you don't believe in something kindly don't taste it's fruit.

  15. ABDL says:

    With respect, Sadhguru has not studied Islam properly :
    1- To go to heaven the only condition is not dying, but the end of the world must come, then Allah will resurect you, then the final judgement must take place, then you enter paradise. YOU DON'T LEAVE YOUR BODY THERE.

    2- We don't believe blindly fairy tales, our Prophet(pbuh) came with Quran a miraculous book, with miraculous signs, he told extremely bold predictions that realised with 100% accuracy. THEREFORE WE CAN BELIEVE HIM MESSAGE BECAUSE HE HAS PROVEN HIMSELF.

    3- Believing something you don't see isn't lying. I NEVER SAW MY BRAIN THEREFORE IT DOESN'T EXIST ?

    4- We must all question our believes, but once we find the truth WE NEED TO ACCEPT IT.

  16. Do whatever…u want…one-day when death comes to your neck…..then u realise wat kind of belief u have Believed…..have fun. Until then

  17. Islam is a religion of "peace" I don't understand that why people hate it just because there are hundreds of terrorist organizations that kill people in the name of Allah it doesn't means that the whole religion is bad…

  18. Mahi HR says:

    Sadhguru has no guts to debate Dr jakir naik

  19. Mahi HR says:

    Sadh mostly talk nonsense, never gets challenge to prove his point

  20. Sadhguru is such a coward why don't you debate him face to face .

  21. 001 Prateek says:

    0:24 that means a muslim girl will get her rights. 😂😂😂

  22. Sk Hassim says:

    Sadhguru will never debate with dr zakir because Sadhguru never quotes his own religious scriptures

  23. Sk Hassim says:

    Without body… !
    Read this verse of Holy Quran
    And he (i.e. man) presents for Us an example (i.e. attempting to establish the finality of death) and forgets his [own] creation. He says, “Who will give life to bones while they are disintegrated?” Say, “He will give them life who produced them the first time; and He is, of all creation, Knowing.” [It is] He who made for you from the green tree, fire, and then from it you ignite. Is not He who created the heavens and the earth Able to create the likes of them? Yes, [it is so]; and He is the Knowing Creator. (Quran, 36:78-81)

  24. ibrahim 3103 says:

    It looks like Sadhguru doesn't have any knowledge of Islam as opposed to Dr. Zakir Naik having knowledge on Hinduism and other religions
    1:22 Sadhguru:"you must know what is in heaven" ME:"As if you know what the future has laid for you!!"
    1:51 Sadhguru:"You left your body here and went to heaven" ME:"You don't go to heaven directly after death ,you go to heaven after the world has been destroyed and your body will be resurrected and the soul will be put in the body and if you pass on the day of judgement then only you go to heaven otherwise hell so you will have a body on after life and this belief is one of the essential believes for being a muslim"

  25. Hirva Mehta says:

    Zakir is like a parrot

  26. Ahamad Patel says:

    Don't worry .. Time is near and it will clear to you ….all…….but it will be to late for you…

  27. Aaudhu billahi minas shaytanir rajim he wanted to prove his self and wanted to be fame by using dr.naik SubhanAllah ignorant people will talk behind as they cant defend and fight face to face and eye to eye

  28. prozac1127 says:

    Both are business men. Both are successful. Both are helpful to millions.

  29. prozac1127 says:

    Zakir is a business man. He does what people loves. That's it. He will manipulate religion only because that's one way to control people and their money

  30. Zod Mod says:

    Go for debate with Zakir Naik front to front

  31. caveman says:

    I want the same confidence as zakir when telling lies

  32. Lorely Barra says:

    Why you only cut those you want to answer and debate to Naik just meet Naik and talk like that face to face

  33. Come on… Have guts to share stage with Zakir…

  34. Shamil Skm says:

    Where does he destroying…..🤔🤔….I challenge sadhguru to debate with dr.zakir naik…..🔛…..

  35. Shame on sadguru he can't even debate him face to face 😂😂😂

  36. Jhon Ali says:

    Agr khuda ne aik bar body di hai to wo dubara bhi de skta hai

  37. Sparkle says:

    Huge load of bullshit in the name of sadhguru🤣🤣

  38. RAB Nawaz says:

    this Old man makes me very angry.. if he was in front of me i will tell him with my hands and my legs. because he deserved. all explaination are totally fool rubish..

  39. Khalis Miah says:

    @sadhguru I really thought you were an intelligent man. By God, your comments here put you so far from intelligence. Just the first point about your body dies here and is left here so what good is food in the heat after; just that on its own is proof that your stupidity is beyond intelligence. When you are raised again in the hear after, you are given the body/skin again. As God has that power to do anything. Does any God that you believe in not have that power in the gear after??? Anyway, all these people who are making negative comments are just ignorant without any basic knowledge of any religion. What else is there to say

  40. Nabu Hassan says:

    this channel guys don’t know anything about islam . don’t cut a video in small talks be mature and smart don’t fun with any religion
    islam respect all religion so be respectful also

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Jaggi Vаѕudеv (bоrn 3 Sерtеmbеr 1957),known рublісlу аѕ Sаdhguru,is an Indіаn уоgі and аuthоr.In 2017, hе wаѕ awarded thе Pаdmа Vibhushan, India’s ѕесоnd highest сіvіlіаn

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