Empower Yourself to Create the Life You Want | Sadhguru

Jaggi Vаѕudеv (bоrn 3 Sерtеmbеr 1957),known рublісlу аѕ Sаdhguru,is an Indіаn уоgі and аuthоr.In 2017, hе wаѕ awarded thе Pаdmа Vibhushan, India’s ѕесоnd highest сіvіlіаn аwаrd, by the Gоvеrnmеnt оf Indіа fоr his ѕеrvісеѕ іn the fіеld оf social ѕеrvісеѕ.

Sаdhguru graduated from the Unіvеrѕіtу оf Mysore wіth a bасhеlоr’ѕ degree іn English іn 1973. On 23 September, 1982, hе rоdе uр to thе Chаmundі Hill аnd sat on a rосk, whеrе he hаd a ‘spiritual еxреrіеnсе’. In 1983, he соnduсtеd his fіrѕt yoga сlаѕѕ wіth ѕеvеn раrtісіраntѕ іn Mуѕоrе, аnd soon hе bеgаn соnduсtіng уоgа сlаѕѕеѕ асrоѕѕ Kаrnаtаkа аnd Hуdеrаbаd. In 1992, he еѕtаblіѕhеd Iѕhа Foundation, whісh has been іnvоlvеd in vаrіоuѕ асtіvіtіеѕ іn thе fіеld оf spirituality, education, and еnvіrоnmеnt. Thе оrgаnіѕаtіоn has been ѕubjесt to mіxеd rесерtіоn.

Sаdhguru іѕ the аuthоr оf several books, іnсludіng Innеr Engіnееrіng: A Yogi’s Guіdе tо Jоу (2016). Aѕ a рublіс ѕреаkеr hе hаѕ ѕроkеn аt the Unіtеd Nаtіоn’ѕ Mіllеnnіum Wоrld Pеасе Summіt, the Hоuѕе оf Lords, the Massachusetts Inѕtіtutе of Technology, аnd the Intеrnаtіоnаl Inѕtіtutе fоr Mаnаgеmеnt Dеvеlорmеnt. Hе has аlѕо ѕроkеn аt thе annual Wоrld Eсоnоmіс Forum іn 2007, 2017 аnd 2020.

► Sadhguru explains what Inner Engineering is and how this can provides tools and solutions to empower yourself to create your life the way you want it.

Empower Yourself to Create the Life You Want | Sadhguru
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► This audio session combines eye-opening speeches with binaural beats technology. It was designed to inspire, motivate, and help people to reprogram your mind.

🎧 Listen before going to bed.

► Please use headphones and Listen Carefully. This audio can change your life!

🎧 This audio uses DELTA WAVES to take your mind into a deep state of receptivity, recording the explanation in your subconscious mind.

► Use for at least 21 days, always before bed.

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► About Sadhguru:
Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic, poet, and visionary humanitarian, is a spiritual master with a difference. His life and work are a possibility for each individual to experience the peace and joy that pervades the core of every human being. It is Sadhguru’s vision that everyone receives ‘one-drop of spirituality,’ allowing them to transform their lives and take their destiny into their hands.

📎 Link: https://isha.sadhguru.org/global/en
📎 Link: https://www.innerengineering.com/

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Comments 50

  1. 🎬 Please watch: 📌 Meditation to Organize Your Mind and Manifest ANYTHING you Wish by Sadhguru
    📎 Link: https://youtu.be/o1kKvtJboQ4

  2. I am truly truly truly searching for the wellbeing of my community and the world … how can we only search for our own happiness if all around us are SAD? … we love to have happy friends, happy family, happy kids, happy neighbors …. I don't want happiness on my own …

  3. Thankyou for being so wisdomful ..we need your motivational speech to live far more better life..stay healthy stay blessed stay safe..tkcr

  4. Your mind is a garbage bin;it’s upto us how we use this make a manure or?

  5. Priya Tagade says:

    Not everyone can understand your words. The one who understood these words is really lucky Sadhguru..I m feeling blessed.

  6. sheetu 23 says:

    Only telling the problems we already have…we all know it….mere philosophical discussion at mental level, can't change anybody… How many followers of this philosophy could change themselves???
    It's another form of entertainment…

  7. Ashok J says:

    He produce some magic in his speech.. it always make me feel easy …

  8. That bullshit story wow that had me looking at my ganja like ~no you do not control me if i want to smoke you I will if not, no but I am laughing right now because Sadhguru Got me!. Hahaa

  9. Tanuja Singh says:

    This audio gives me a strange relax . That even I can listen this 💯 times

  10. Vishnu M says:

    Iam so proud to be an INDIAN AND HINDU . 🌹💐🏵️🌹🏵️🌹🏵️🏵️🌺🥀🌼🌼🌱🍂🍂🌱🍂🌿🍀🌿☘️

  11. Nicole ng says:

    something or somebody has to make me sad and heppy,and i hate it!

  12. aika romania says:

    But we need money and other things to live our life till death . Only after that we don’t want these things . So we need to work ,earn money, earn facilities and then only we will be joyful . How can we sit and meditate? I am always doubtful when thinking about it .

  13. Agnes Fung says:

    Sadhguru you’re the saint of the East

  14. Amrit Kaur says:

    Thank sadguru .
    With big smile.

  15. this poor people and go for providing guidance to the country in becoming free from the spread disease. by this way the country can soon be free from the disease and even this way can help them to become the major part of the world.

  16. Thank you Sadghuru 🙏❤

  17. the adverts are proper gay….

  18. To “enable” sin is to embolden someone to continue in sin, to empower his ability to sin, or to make it easier for him to sin. In our stand for righteousness, we want to avoid enabling the sins of others. Human relationships can be complex, and there are many situations that can lead to involuntary participation in the sin of another. In a marriage, one spouse can be drawn into sin in an effort to appease the other. Friends and family are the avenues that Satan often uses to entice us to participate in a sin we would otherwise avoid (1 Corinthians 15:33; Proverbs 22:24). However, no one has the power to make another person sin. Sin is a condition of the heart (Matthew 15:18–19). And we are each responsible for the choices we make and the condition of our own hearts (Romans 14:12; Matthew 12:36).

    Enabling someone’s sin is the same as indirectly taking part in that sin, and 1 Timothy 5:22 says, “Do not participate in the sins of others.” If the Bible has a command, we have the power to obey it. We often do not realize that we have the right and the responsibility to set personal boundaries that honor God. Learning to set healthy boundaries for ourselves is crucial to living the victorious life Jesus wants for us (John 10:10; Romans 8:37). Boundaries define where our responsibilities start and end. The Bible is a book of boundaries, with consequences for violating them (Genesis 2:16–17; Deuteronomy 28:15; Jeremiah 22:5; 1 Samuel 12:15). When we know the boundaries, we are responsible for enforcing them. For example, if a friend insists that you drive the getaway car in a robbery, you don’t have to decide. The decision was made when you first chose to follow Christ. Jesus says stealing is wrong, so you will not enable theft. Participation in sin is not an option for a Christian (Romans 6:1–2; 1 John 3:9).

    Avoiding sin requires that we seek wisdom from God. Fortunately, we have the promise of James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” When we receive God’s wisdom about a situation, our responsibility is to move forward on the basis of that wisdom. One way to gain courage in making right decisions is to ask ourselves what we would do if Jesus were standing right beside us. If we would not move forward with Jesus, then it is not the right decision, regardless of who is urging us to participate.

    One way we enable the sin of others is by rescuing them from their rightful consequences. God uses consequences to teach us lessons we would not otherwise learn. When a parent bails a rebellious son out of jail, that parent is enabling the rebellion to continue. When a Christian allows his friends to talk him into going to a place he knows will lead to sinful behavior, he is participating in the sin of others. We give others freedom to make their own choices, but we must also allow them to reap the consequences of those choices (Galatians 6:7). We often enable the sin of others because of a false sense of compassion or because we want to be needed. But in shielding someone from the natural consequences of sin, we rob that person of the wisdom God wanted to impart to him or her. It’s never easy to see a loved one experience difficulty, but sometimes the difficulty is just what God wants to use to teach an important life lesson.

    Just as others have freedom to make their own choices, we also have freedom to choose, and we can refuse to participate in the sin of others. Many times we allow ourselves to be pulled into someone else’s sin because we fear losing the relationship. In doing so, we have allowed that person to take the place of God in our hearts. When the desire of someone else supersedes the desire of God, we have slipped into idolatry (Exodus 20:3; 34:14). We can avoid enabling someone else’s sin by making a final decision about who directs our lives. If we have given our lives to Christ, then He is the final authority on any decision (2 Corinthians 10:5; Acts 5:29). If Jesus would not make it easier for a person to sin, then we shouldn’t, either.

    Gian Giorgio Trissino
    Both I and J were used interchangeably by scribes to express the sound of both the vowel and the consonant. It wasn't until 1524 when Gian Giorgio Trissino, an Italian Renaissance grammarian known as the father of the letter J, made a clear distinction between the two sounds.

  19. harman singh says:

    Thank you sadhguru

  20. Alka Singh says:

    What a brilliance.. Every time i hear u i get amazed by the amount of knowledge, logics you have towards life.. U make life so simple..

  21. Everything he says his a slap of reality. .the way he views life is just mind blowing ..and it makes u pause and think .

  22. knowing THY SELF( My self) is the important aspect of the way of life……..

  23. Every thing perfect

  24. So blessed with this lyfe as we are connected with u Sadhgurujii….Thank u for inspiring us through you wisdom talk and speeches🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏always encourages and gives an internal comfort ..our sincere Gratitude towards you 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  25. lokesh kumar says:

    Concentration & dedication leads to anything, that we want it in our Life . I strongly believe

  26. Amani Kakak says:

    Too many philosophy but the point is simple.just make it simple for easy to understand

  27. He changed my whole life🙏🏻 I was diagnosed with ocd and depression .. But the moment i started listening to him.. my all worries, mysries all gone.. I cannot thank him enough . You saved my life

  28. Hetal Shah says:

    Cant imagine the Great knowledge of Sadguru
    As I hear I feel I should hear more

  29. True Sadhguruji. What Ur sayg is perfect.1of the astrologer had told me, that if things don't happen Ur way. Thn think,Divine want 2gv U/me,more better thn this. So, I can understand. Bt, that moment We R disappointed for nothing actually, as Ur teaching says. Thank-U, for guidg us.🙏

  30. Agnes Obobi says:

    Good day to everyone and wishing everyone one a “Happy Father’s Day” well I’m here to talk about the “Healing” this teachings has brought into my life. I’m not afraid of being so selfish. I’m here to share this with the world, there is no joke in this and please please take this SERIOUS!!. This teaching by this great “ really GURU” really helps a lot and with this video it has really brought an impact and a change in my life. I advise “No one should ever get mad or angry In life”. WHY? cause when you mad and angry or even at someone, the result is always gonna be hatred and people turning against you in life. In other words, you will fell “UNHAPPY” But on the other hand; when you “Forgive and let go of the past and not get yourself into any quarrel, fight, angriness and madness at people, there is always “HAPPINESS” I assure you to do this and try watching this VIDEO before you go to sleep and meditate. And I assure you, you going to get all the answers you need in this world. NOTE: I tried watching this video before I meditate and guess what! You will be surprise I woke up from sleep with all the answers in the world. Better do this!!!! Thank you all 🤗❤️🙏

  31. sanaa 62 says:

    I'm tired of life 😧

  32. I really dislike what you're doing. Trying to get people to reprogram their lives by using someone esles work contaminated by your insistence on binaural beast. This is dishonest and goes against all ways of Helprin people to authentically transform their lives. You are charlatans

  33. Nancy Garza says:

    I love his wisdom! Every time I listen to him, I feel a shift of consciousness. Thank you, thank you!!!!

  34. Michael Q says:

    Sadhguru "Techmology wont make you feel happy"
    Me using internet technology to listen to Sadhguru to "feel happy" 😐

  35. Sarah Purol says:

    This is one of the wisest and most honest and helpful lectures anyone will ever hear anywhere. If you don't catch the gist of it the first time…listen to it again and then again to really let it sink in. Our own bodies..have the ability to produce joy and happiness..without ANY outside help. Our bodies have the ability to stay healthy. Inner Engineering offers that technology. It's simple. Anyone can do it. It's simple…but profound. It can change your life…if you are willing.

  36. such a great cleansing effect. great for wellness ..GUYS please take care in this time we are going thru this health pandemic..also help equip and boost our immune system..i have relied on this product for years and it does surely work for me and a lot of people around the world..give it a look Guys..it is time for us to take better care of ourselves @t

  37. Nayan Tara says:

    You have exactly told the same thing in this video that I am feeling right now. Your each and every line belongs to my thoughts and emotions and everything. You told all the things that are going on with me . Now I just want to say figure out anyway so that I can go to that platform and stay there forever. THANK YOU SO MUCH GURUJI

  38. Nayan Tara says:

    Guruji how are we going to be a bliss ful person how can we do everything the way we want it GURUJI PLEASE ANSWER

  39. Nayan Tara says:


  40. The best thing about India ,its richness in spiritual sphere lucky to be in touch with such great souls .💐 🙏

  41. Wow Wow Wow, How did I forget How to be. Somewear along the way I got lost. Thank you Sadhguru for finding me.

  42. I wish all from the philippines will discover sadhguru

  43. Should lead the world

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Jaggi Vаѕudеv (bоrn 3 Sерtеmbеr 1957),known рublісlу аѕ Sаdhguru,is an Indіаn уоgі and аuthоr.In 2017, hе wаѕ awarded thе Pаdmа Vibhushan, India’s ѕесоnd highest сіvіlіаn

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John Kehoe

An authentic, inspiring tеасhеr and іntеrnаtіоnаl bеѕt-ѕеllіng аuthоr, John Kehoe refuses tо rеѕt оn his раѕt асhіеvеmеntѕ аnd соntіnuеѕ to rеасh nеw heights wіthіn hіѕ

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