Mindfulness Meditation – Guided 10 Minutes

Mindfulness has been shown to be very beneficial. In this guided mindfulness meditation you can learn to be completely present in the moment, letting go of your thoughts and achieving calmness.

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Feeling tired or stressed? Sit back, relax and let the gentle guiding voice take you into a profound and deep state of relaxation.

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These videos are designed to be played in the background, to help with study, sleep and relaxation.

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Comments 42

  1. Wow, what a beautiful sunset! Whereas the video shot?

  2. Remember what meditation means:
    A technique that aims to achieve spiritual progress, in which the practitioner, in a comfortable position, focuses his attention on a thing, or an image, to then gradually empty his mind of thoughts.
    Apparently it's great that you can empty your thoughts, the question is what do we fill this inner void. Because there are serious people who have reached a performance and I confess that this gap must be filled with something. Or we strive for fullness, we seek to fulfill ourselves and this can only be in a relationship with another person. Or meditation involves an impersonal relationship, and it is very dangerous because exposing myself to the unknown empties me to become the abode of demons.
    How do I check if this meditation is beneficial for me? Also in relation to the other, if the other one bothers me, if I put myself in the center and I don't put the other one in the center, selfishness works. I despise the other, it bothers me that he doesn't thank me when I help him, I didn't get rid of pride.
    If I truly love, I am willing to suffer for the other.
    Or all Protestant and neo-Protestant beliefs bypass the cross, flee from suffering. So it is clear that although by their sincere desire to reach the target, which is close, they can never reach it. They can never reach fullness, but they are deceived.
    Our target must be a person in order to be able to fulfill ourselves in the relationship. This person is Christ Jesus, He is the living God, who responds to my love for Him. It can't be otherwise. The Eastern beliefs propose to us an impersonal God of great deception, gradually you let yourself be possessed by spirits foreign to the True God, who will reveal themselves when we are sincere and willing to verify whose spirit we are.
    Behind any energy, or state is a spirit. And if we are not tried enough and do not have an experienced person, or clergyman, to help us recognize the spirits very easily we can be deceived. Demons can appear as light, as angels, as heat, as cute humans or animals, and so on. The demonic work disappears at the call to prayer of the name of Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me, or at the making of the sign of the Holy Cross.

  3. Fsw W says:

    Did this help anyone’s derealisation?

  4. Ali Hamza says:

    His voice is so relaxing i almost slept.

  5. Denise March says:

    My thoughts did keep wandering!but I kept putting white sheets on them! 😀

  6. Gentle Dove says:

    Really awesome ! Deep and relaxing. 👍

  7. s says:

    thank you so much, this really helps me control my intrusive thoughts especially before bed hehe

  8. MrGreggles77 says:

    The music in this is so wonderful. The whole thing has helped me calm my overactive mind. I look forward to dropping in to this magical world. Thanks

  9. Peace Be with you😁

  10. Lizah says:

    As I do this, I feel the turbulence inside myself. Does anyone experience this as well? Probably coz I have felt so overwhelmed by my environment and at the mercy of external forces for such a long time that I can't even remember what peace inside feels like.

  11. Em says:

    The thing is… I meditated 9:47 minutes and when i was unware of time, the next video started wich is: Guided Meditation – Blissful Deep Relaxation by: The Honest Guys. And i just meditated another 18 minutes without knowing it… Being calm is what i desired since i was a kid, and now, after months of meditation, finally i understand many things thanks to meditation and knowledge.

  12. Selene Cotto says:

    Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  13. I immediately got transported to a mountainous valley. I tried to hear his instructions, but my mind wouldn't move from the valley. I was sitting on a rock by the river, lush green tall trees, clear sky with shades of blue. I could not follow anything. I wonder Sir, why it was so hard for me to come back to the reality (presently I'm in my office, in a hospital). I was pulling myself back in my chamber, but my mind wouldn't move an inch away from the valley. And then suddenly I moved to the ocean, calm, blue. Visualised an old couple, cooking very little food, just as much to stay alive, in there tiny wooden cottage by the sea.

  14. This is so good because I got chased by wasps the other day but lookly I did not get stung all day I have thought a wasp would be around the corner but this has helped me so much thank you I love you 💙

  15. Chris Wilson says:

    which way can you lay

  16. Fabio TV says:

    Bro put in subtitles french please i understande nothing in What you are saying

  17. Your are so great, thanks! Your voice is so calming and relaxing 🙏

  18. I read about mindfulness years ago but never successfully reached it and maintained it as I do while listening to this, indeed your voice is so well adjusted to this kind of guides.

  19. Saad Khan says:

    That was the quickest 7 minutes of my life…

  20. Keith says:

    That's not ten minutes?

  21. Hilda says:

    I take ADHD medication, and it tends to make my heart POUND. This morning the pounding was quite bothersome and wouldn’t go away, so I decided to try some mindfulness. My mom has always recommended meditation to me, but I’ve just brushed it off and never really tried it. But now that I did… whoa.
    It was such a special experience and it genuinely helped to calm down my heart rate. Thank you so much for this video, I’ll definitely try this again very soon.

  22. meth 07 says:

    This meditation (ONLY THIS) always makes me feel like a new person, thanks for the job.

  23. Bro I almost slept like a baby 👶 so I kinda helped 😅 thanks 😊

  24. Thank you

    Edit: after watching this I really feel better

  25. I am very thankful
    You did this❤️

  26. This was really to the point and such a surreal experience I felt and understood how being mindful can impact our life and instead of us overthinking and depending on thoughts to guide us we just learn to be more present and live and laugh and live more which can only be done in the present tense and all these are something that only our consciousness or an entity above our conscious and sub conscious can achieve… dwelling is the source of unhappiness just let go live and live more in the present. Really grateful for this.

  27. beautiful, thank you.

  28. Been suffering from anxiety and that has made me so weak internally. Been doing this!! Love this! But I have a silly question what kind of sounds around us do we have to hear as mentioned in this meditation? As I get distracted by them.

  29. farahshaiik says:

    Sometimes I feel like Im floating

  30. Hey. Sometime it's hard for me to function, for example this morning was tough because of panic attacks. Yet, I still have to manage a lot of things in my life, as I'm in charge of many projects because I always want to push my boundaries and not let me be dictated by my anxieties. Still, sometime it is very tough, and this morning, this video helped me through it. Thanks.

  31. The Honest Guys, you have been a true inspiration and are somebody we look up to in our journey to help people's mental health by using meditation!

  32. Anxiety and tinnitus, lets see

  33. perkeltiker says:

    Damn…this is my first time meditating..so here are my thoughts:
    1. It was the quickest 10 minutes of my life
    2. At one moment i stopped feeling my bed and i felt like im flying and rotating..it was weird
    3. It was kinda nice , ur voice is best

  34. Thank you 😇

  35. Amna Mirza says:

    Absolutely amazing meditation! Felt so calm whilst doing it and the music was so relaxing💆

  36. Anyone else constantly feel sick or paranoid? hope this helps

  37. Chris T says:

    Hi I'm relatively new to mediation and found this one great. Would you suggest I breathe in for 4 secs and out for 6 all the way through this? Any other tips would be welcome, thanks honest guys.

  38. LA Detailing says:

    Not far off 1 million subs ❤

  39. mantaramanse says:

    As a rigid materalistic and a scientist, I hated the idea of meditation and anything linked to spiritualism. Over the last couple of months, I started to realize that it might be more than just matter and now I just finished my first meditation ever. I'm feeling healed.

    And I have a short question for anyone that can answer: I was 99% peaceful but there was a moment I felt terrified and wanted to open my eyes and felt anxious. Is it something that a beginner can experience?

  40. Gracy Nath says:

    The voice is soo soothing. Itz my favorite channel of all . Really gives relief from anxiety n stress. Thank you ❤

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