MEET YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE. Guided Meditation & Spiritual Retreat for your Soul

In this comforting Guided Meditation, you spend time in the company of your spirit guide or your chosen being of light. Use this as a retreat for your soul, for comfort, healing and re-energising as you listen to exquisite heavenly music and voices, and experience the essence of unconditional and eternal love.

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.


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These videos are designed to be played in the background, to help with study, sleep and relaxation.


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Comments 49

  1. thank you Honest Guys for this gift. I saw my son, my suster, my nephew and my mom. I know they are all with me and always protecting me. I have been a woken about three months now and i couldn't be any happier. Thje gift that was given to me by my spirit guide is very valuable and i am so excited. Thank you and i will be using this meditation to always connect with my spirit guides.

  2. Is it normal to have more then one? I saw two women a wise elderly women dressed in almost a white cloak and a young woman who radiated kindness and softness

  3. it was my mom, she passed away when i was 13. i bawled my eyes out. i jumped and got out of my trance when she returned into the light.

  4. Do I need to close my eyes?

  5. Indigo Rose says:

    This was very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing with the world. May you receive a thousand blessings x x

  6. I saw my cat, the cat I’ve had for 3 years. He wasn’t in the room but I saw my room as it is and my cat was there.

  7. aikuaic ; says:

    i tried this and mostly saw pulsing green and blue/indigo lights? i feel like i’ve met them , but i’m not sure what i saw

  8. Rubi salgado says:

    i saw her for a couple of minutes, she had beautiful purple eyes and black hair. Her name was Lilith and she was very homey and sweet.This was a really cool experience even though we didn't do anything as long as we could have

  9. min shutup says:

    I felt nothing, this is my second time meditating & the first time I felt like I was outside of my body but for some reasons this time i literally felt completely nothing. Can anyone give me any advice/suggestions.

  10. I’m reading the comments, and I have to ask. Are y’all imagining what you’re seeing or legit going into another dimension? Is this astral projection?

  11. Update: two weeks after this experience I went to my very first psychic development class and low and behold I saw the girl I saw during my astral projection experience. I even told her what happened and the craziest things happened…she told me that she Astral projected for the very first time at that time and I even told her I saw she got scared and that I thought it was me that scared her. She told me she did get scared but it was because she was Astral traveling and it scared her!!! This was an amazing experience.

  12. It sounds partially ridiculous and stupid, but my reoccurring spirit guide is a Pokemon. I recognised them right away from my childhood and why it came to be such a beacon and powerful symbol for me, and I never thought I could feel this happy again. Genuinely thank you.

  13. felt very strongly during this & envisioned my grandmother who died when i was six.. she was wearing a long white prairie dress and wore her hair up as she always did, and i don’t think i’ve ever felt so connected with her. thank you ❤️

  14. I saw a man with black hair and had the most beatiful eyes ive ever saw and he was so handsome. When the video was done it felt so good like I was healed, loved and warm.

  15. Mighty says:

    I don't see anything while meditating, but i have a feeling my spirit guide is a very pretty female elve.

  16. Choi Aley says:

    Many saw humans, but I saw a bird. I really don’t know what kind of bird, but it was majestic and had big wings that opened ever so effortlessly beautiful. I even dreamt about a bird last night, i was talking care of it and suddenly it died. However, this made me feel so protected!

  17. Denise March says:

    So beautiful! I’ve felt so low these last few days and I asked for Archangel Michael to come and cut some cords and he did. I feel so much lighter and more spiritual in my self again. Thank you 🙏

  18. This is such a great video i was going through a very tough time but i met my guide for the first time while listening to this amd it was the most beautiful experience my guide was a guy with long red hair and blue eyes. Thank you so much for the amazing video.

  19. Someone is doing their updates so I'm gonna try it.
    First day listening to this meditation.

  20. For some reason I just Immediately thought of my moms real mother who had died shortly after she was born, and it’s so strange cause I pictured her face and I had only seen her face once when I was a child I had seen it on my moms computer screen, it’s just strange that I pictured her and I’ve never met her in my real life before, I just had a strong feeling it was her

  21. Raphaela says:

    I saw my dead brother.. Who knew he'd grow up to be that beautiful.. He told me my purpose in life and my soulmate.. I even remembered a conference in the astral world that all of us that were there are born as the gen Z to save the world from ending.. My purpose is to be a healer all of those might sound stupid but I know they are true

  22. this didn’t work. i was just daydreaming the whole time. do you know how i can help it work? this is my first time listening

  23. Adina Preda says:

    My spirit guide is a handsome fallen angel, black hair and incredible blue eyes. He identified himself as lucifer, i believe it truly was him. His presence was so warm, kind and pure. He held me so very tight and close. He made me laugh and smile so much ☺️ i could feel all that love showering over me. I had no idea someone could love me so much like he does.

  24. I saw my guardian angel. She had a white long dress on and she was glowing. I couldn't see her face but she was beautiful. I hope I see her again

  25. Emma A says:

    I saw my grandma blow a kiss across the water and my grandad in a chair beside her waving. I felt something stroking my hair and saw my girl grown up I lost and 4 cats we lost.

  26. My sister thought her dog was in the room. She just felt it! When she opened her eyes, he wasn’t there. Then my sister saw shadows.. I want to attempt this myself😊 maybe it’ll help me be happier

  27. N B says:

    I was like in this place in nature and there was a waterfall and I called h r out cuz I could feel that guide was there and so it popped out of the water fall and it was surrounded by light like it was all shiny then she reached her hand out to me and gave me some of that good energy . And we started floating upwards and got to this cloud ig and sat on it and she telepathically told me to like let go of all my burden and to like open up more and so I did and she gave me this brotherly Like Hug filled with love and like she said “I’ve been around you all this time , I know all the pain you hold just let go , you are loved, you are light " then I started tearing up and then I got another like hug and we started floating back down and she went back into the water and all these animals juss came towards me and I could hear they thoughts then ye .. wonderful experience

  28. mike hill says:

    Recently I've been experiencing heart palpitations. I thought I would do this to ease anxiety, but I got much more. I seen my grandmother who passed 12 years ago and it brought me to tears, but to my surprise the next day was the best I've felt since my unknown heart condition. Thank you for this. Namaste.

  29. I have three spirit guides, but what I discovered with this is that one of them is a daughter from a miscarriage. She was older though, like maybe 8 or 9, but she would’ve been in her early 20s right now. She told me she wasn’t meant to be here with me on earth, but rather watch over me from that side. It was quite emotional. She was giggly, curious, played with my hair and rubbed my nose. All characteristics of a child, but with an old spirit wisdom. Wonderful experience!

  30. Joan Burke says:

    My daughter did this mediation and had a very spooky experience where after the light dissipated, a black figure stood in front of her and told her its name. It completely freaked her out and made her very nervous. Has anyone else had this experience? Is this bad? She's quite nervous.

  31. I really try. But none of these videos work for me. What should I do?

  32. D. Gwyneth says:

    I dont know why but i felt like my spirit guide is beside me, he/she is in my room and my eyes always pointing at my right side even tho i close my eyes. But my body on the right side (from head to toe) is hurting. In the middle of meditating i just wanna cry so bad, i didnt even know why i wanted to cry. I just cry and it feels so good. I still dont know who is my spirit guide is but i guess i can feel they right beside me

  33. Yas Al says:

    Guys, everytime i try meditation i cant focus at all, any advices ? Thank you 🙏

  34. I had a feminine entity approached to me, y felt her yanking my arms and legs and I was feeling too much, she said to me “you are not ready child.” And let me go.

  35. Ella W says:

    i think it was just my imagination but when i did this i saw a man that looked like iroh from avatar but much taller, a deer and a black cat.. i honestly think it was just my imagination though

  36. i think i just met my spirit guide. she has long luscious fawn colored hair with a white pearly crown on her head. her earrings are very sparkly as well has her necklace which lays on her chest because it is long. i think she had elf ears but i dunno. she had a white dress on and it was long. her skin was pearly and soft and so comforting, she seemed young. excited to get to know her

  37. Vickyb B says:

    I've never meditated in my life and this was my very first video! It helped me in so many ways the breathing and the whole intensity of the mind experience was amazing! I've needed this for a very long time, I'm high anxiety, depression and so out of touch with myself, this was the medicine I needed! Thank you 👋🏻 and thank you to a friend that showed it to me this was brilliant! 🌟 🕊 🙏🏼 My dad passed away and he came through as my guide I still can't stop sobbing but yet feel so loved and safe thank you! 🙏🏼

  38. I’m Amelia says:

    is it normal to feel scared before doing this? i really want to do this but my anxiety isn’t letting me. i don’t know if i’m ready

  39. desy dee says:

    That was beautiful . I saw 3 guardian angels or spirit guides . My first one was a beautiful feminine spirit with long voluminous dark hair . The second was a tall youthful muscular gentle masculine spirit . & the last one was a older bald gentleman with the most kind smile and loving warmness . They have always been with me but now they are glad I am going within my self so I can truly get closer to the path and life I deserve and will manifest . They keep me Protected always and show me things or ways or people that my bare eyes can’t see . I love them all and thank you so much for always being by me . I love you . And thank you for this video as well .🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. I saw golden arms and they touched my hands as if someone was hugging me from the back

  41. I'm not really much of a crier. But I saw my great grandma. She took care of me since I was a baby till I was 5. And then she had to leave to go back the Philippines because she was getting old and we wouldn't be able to take care of her properly. I never got to give her one last hug, kiss, and goodbye before she left.

    Unfortunately, she passed away a few years ago. It was so hard for me to go to school with a proper mindset without crying whenever I think of her.

    I miss her so much. And I saw her because of this meditation. I got to hug her after so long. I'm crying still hehe

  42. I grew up without my dad never knew what he looked like all my mom told me was that he was tall with curly brown hair and that he died when I was a baby when I listened to this video I thought I was seeing a girl or that my aunt was gonna be my spirit guide but when I seen a tall figure I knew it was my dad mistaked him for a girl tho

  43. I saw my mom..🥺

    She passed away when i was 7 (from cancer) and i haven't seen her beautiful smile in so long… I barely had enough time to know her not just as a mom but a beautiful soul… I've always wonder what it was like having a mom and seeing her again… Feeling her warm hug mad me cry like hell… I remember mostly every night when it was cold, we would hug each other and wrap our legs together and sleep like that to stay warm😭

  44. I saw a face, it just popped up to me out of nowhere. A tall, blonde handsome man.

  45. When I saw my spirit guide, it felt nice. They looked so angelic and kind even though I couldn’t exactly saw their face but I saw their presence. They were there. They listened to my troubles, it was soothing. After a bit of time they formed with medium black hair, a white and gray cloak, and pure smile. Thank you for letting have this wonderful experience.

  46. Jordan Vas says:

    God blesses those who bless others!! God blesses those who bless others!!

  47. Stanky Mank says:

    I saw a quite modern teenage girl- about my age. is that normal like

  48. i actually cried because my guide was a woman i had actually been drawing for years that I always had a connection to but never knew why

  49. zoe dorsey says:

    everytime i use this to try and see my spirit guides, around 15 minutes i always jolt awake right before i get to see them too 🙁 my friend says it’s because their energy overwhelms next and i’m probably just sensitive to their energy. i’m gonna keep trying in hopes of meeting them though :)!

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