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It is easy to be scared and anxious proper now, whereas we’re bombarded with terrifying every day information updates in regards to the Corona Pandemic. So what can we do? Nicely first of it is necessary to strengthen our immune system, and realise that stress and anxiousness can take a toll on it, so we should preserve our shit collectively and never stress our physique and thoughts out continuous.

So use this Meditation Clip particularly designed to decrease Nervousness and please SHARE it with everybody you understand who wants it. We should keep calm, so we will suppose clearly, keep wholesome and get by this with out breaking down our psychological well being within the course of.

You can too share our direct hyperlink which is
There’s by no means been a greater time to start out a every day meditation practise.

To go deeper and be taught extra watch our ‘Freedom from Nervousness’ Masterclass, and likewise contemplate the Mindspo Meditation Technique, which incorporates our 66 Day Meditation Problem that will help you make this an enduring a part of your life.

Meditation written & learn by @Chrissoll xx

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Sending you energy, well being and love.
– Everybody at Mindspo

Some related quotes to recollect:

“The one factor now we have to worry, is worry itself”
“Life shouldn’t be as severe because the thoughts makes it out to be.”
“Not a lot is required to make a contented life, it is all inside your self, inside your mind-set”

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Comments 48

  1. Beginning gave me more anxiety 👎🏼

  2. Tony Hewitt says:

    Amazing thank you so much

  3. Sue Smith says:

    Great, so helpful

  4. This is extremely helpful for me. Thank you!

  5. I have a neiboor who is 9yrs and she has a thing where she tries to take away my familys attention from me to her and she tends to make me get anxity this really helped me
    Thank you. . . I am only 13yrs old

  6. nisha says:

    Anyone else go back to hear if he said sh*t?! Hahaha

  7. first time trying this and it really helped me a lot

  8. Yadel Huest says:

    Any else feeling symptoms of short breath because of the high anxiety? 😩 this was helpful though.

  9. Cait C says:

    This is helpful thank you

  10. TheRelic says:

    There's a low tone droning in the background that's distracting

  11. Just want to say thank you very much for this video it’s extremely helpful

  12. Thank you from Iran

  13. Linda Sorin says:

    How do you access the 1 hour meditation?

  14. Reese Morgan says:

    It's such a shame that most meditations are all about The Breath. I understand why, but anyone who has upper respiratory problems are automatically at a huge disadvantage. In peacetime as it were – it's bad enough. But in these times – concentrating on the breath is even harder. I'm pretty sure I have the virus, I'm praying it's a milder strain of it. So concentrating on my breath automatically leads me to panic. In general, uploaders of this type of content forget that many of us have ashtma / breathing issues. It's so difficult for us, even before this dreadful Corvid business. 'Mindspo' would be doing people like me a great service if they could come up with something different.

  15. "Let me recognize my fears so that I can see the Truth beyond them." (from Steps to Knowledge – Marshall Vian Summers) This is the title of one step in this book of meditations leading you to the "mysterious Source of your spirituality and inner authority."

  16. This makes me feel better right now.. thank you so much❤️🙏😔

  17. carole979 says:

    Yes I have anxiety symptoms. Meditation helps OR playing music from the 70s

  18. Kato Poon says:

    0:15 did he say put our shit together?

  19. Thank you and bless you this helped a lot especially with the pandemic out going and personal things in life …. may we all find peace you guys and love I love you all 😊

  20. "he said its time to keep our shit together"

  21. So helpful it’s important that I keep my shit together ❤️

  22. I kept focusing on my breath but at 8:00 I felt like I was breathing in less and exhaling more and it honestly made me feel short of breath. It kinda helped but I ended it quickly

  23. This actually helped

  24. How does this work but my meds don’t 😐

  25. Diegoroxs says:

    This video works magic for me. It’s the only video I’ve been listening to for the past week. I don’t know, it’s this one though. Thank you so much for this 🙌 you have no idea how it helps.

  26. So glad to know Im not alone guys❤ your comments helped. I havent slept in days, I live alone and every night I get short of breath and start thinking Im sick but when I calm down it goes away

  27. Mariam Shah says:

    I’ve never had anxiety or panic attacks before in my life but lately it’s been absolutely terrible. Your video helped me calm down, thank you so much

  28. I have ms n axzitey it help me today

  29. memee me says:

    This video really does help.

  30. sadflam says:

    I quit smoking weed cold turkey while all this stuff has been going on. I thought I was going crazy or even caught corona because I felt short of breath, chills and shaking. I couldn’t sleep at night, I didn’t want to play the game or anything. I wanted to ask my grandma to take me to the ER because I didn’t understand what was going on. This is really scary because I’ve never felt anything like this before. I just pray I’m gonna be okay!

  31. Kim j says:

    Thank you!!

  32. I'm having anxiety because I'm a fat 10 year old kid and my heart is beating super fast

  33. Marielle R says:

    Are you saying keep your ship together or shit together?

  34. Thank you.This is a really calming meditation.

  35. This is amazing! Thank you! God bless you!

  36. I found this very helpful. Cheers

  37. Jason Kelly says:

    Pandemic meditation x😂🤣😂👍🏽

  38. Josh Forbes says:

    Did he say “get your shit together?”

  39. This meditation is amazing. I also have a channel for anxiety relief. Your video is inspiring. Thanks

  40. R Ramirez says:

    Excellent video thanks 🙏

  41. “meditation nourishes your awareness that you are the Self, then you can relax and have fun in this Divine Play.”
    ― Bert McCoy
    Infinite Love Beautiful Soul! ✨❤

  42. ARES Channel says:

    i'm feeling the same way 😔 this covid makes me feel worried more often

  43. What a calm and solemn music! I love your voice – so gentle! I am so happy to have found you! I simply love your sounds! I listen to your sounds when I want to sleep. You have even inspired me to create my own channel but I can't stop coming here for more. And any time I am looking forward to a wonderful meditation, I find your channel the best place for me. I also also observed that your channel is one of the best I have seen in recent times. Thank you Thank you thank you. And some times I just wanna relax or just read my books, your channel makes all the sense for it. We love you! Gracias!

  44. Thank you for your Pandemic meditation with me my friend is great . thank's again take care and God bless you and your family. .. PEACE

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