Letting Go Of Someone | Setting Yourself Free | Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is for those who cannot seem to let go of the person or a situation that needs to be set free… 🕊 🕊 🕊
‘Forget them/it, let go’ – is easier said than done, because even after the person leaves your life, emotional attachments, memories etc, it still lingers. This meditation will also help those who are still with people or situations and do not have the courage to detach although it seems the best, the right option. I will guide you through this and my wish is that at the end you have more clarity and more strength to continue to live your best life because this IS what you came here for!

Big LOVE, Rasa

Pura Rasa
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guided meditation detachment


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Comments 35

  1. What your feeling is normal reminding you that you are human and alive even if its hurts , allow what your feeling , cry if you have to but don't let this reason be the reason you cry again

  2. Maya Renee says:

    This was wonderful! Thank you!

  3. Just me says:

    Starting with i gt him back now he is sending me one msg everyday i just told him i am not his sister. I am sick of this asshole. I am positive
    I am positive
    I am positive
    I am positive
    I am optimistic
    I am optimistic
    I am optimistic

  4. Lulu lulu says:

    I slept while listening to this. That is mean that i dont care about him anymore yeeeey 😍😍 Thank youuu.

  5. The Flower says:

    Allow the pain to visit, but never allow it to stay. Only love is allowed to stay🧘🏽‍♀️💕

  6. Lea Piper says:

    So glad i came across this i have tried for a year now to let this person go. Somedays im good and then bam there he is agian tearing at my heart like it was yesterday. I just wanna be done, to move on and be happy again, to stop dreaming of him and thinking of him. He never cared for me for he told me i was nothing to him after 3yrs. God plz let this work…

  7. 💐💫✨🙏

  8. VA T says:

    Grateful to you ❤️

  9. Vrunal says:

    Really love you, ❤️ that helped me alot..you voice is so calming…

  10. I thought I had let go of him but seeing him recently, after one year of not seeing each other, made my world shaking. And sadly I realized all the thing we lived was nothing for him. I realized we are not compatible and he wasn't for me. I started the process of letting go again, I hope I could stop thinking of him again. It has to be daily until I get back to me.
    Thank you for this meditation.

  11. kayomide says:

    thank you rasa x

  12. Thank you 🙏🏼

  13. William Hill says:

    Fantastic thank you and love.

  14. I claim my sovereign power – I AM SOVEREIGN POWER – BE HERE NOW PRESENT – SILENT – STILL

  15. SenoritaTJ says:

    I am here because I can't let go of my ex, while he doesn't want to do anything with me anymore.

  16. Spiriteye says:

    Im going to let go of all my money and give it to her for her good works on saving all of humanity from self destruction, and my pet turtle too.

  17. Breaking the cycle of letting someone lie cheat and steal- no more comebacks this time …sad how ppl claim to love you but put drugs before you… I deserve the love I give and will not settle for less! So it be

  18. Marianne Fox says:

    I finally have let go, to go beyond the past into the unknown future to where my soul mate, my passionate love awaits. Thank you Rasa. xxxx

  19. Hola678 says:

    Very soothing and healing voice… Thank you. I feel a lot better and more relaxed

  20. I began sobbing a few minutes in and had heart palpitations. I pray I've finally surrendered and released this person. Please take him spirit, leave me a clean slate to begin to love myself ❤🙏❤

  21. Nadia Kanwal says:

    When I finished the meditation and opened my eyes, I saw 2 grey doves sitting on the roof looking at me… waooo I don't know what's that mean

  22. Kelly D says:

    I love her meditations! I have to try hard to not fall asleep. This one I almost did but I cried through it like I do in her others, in a good way!! ❤️

  23. I have practice this meditation two times already, what a relief. It is important to let go of things and people who no longer serve our purpose in this planet. I thank you❤

  24. It helps but a part of me will always love her

  25. Mofromusic says:

    Why am I still so upset!?

  26. Bipin Bajpai says:

    Nice experience I just tried..
    Love from India

  27. Hard to let go of someone I loved as a teenager and after 31 years later we met again. To meet someone you know your heart adored truly in this life is hard to let go. Maybe it's just my story who knows as he has disappeared and my heart is broken again.

  28. laila w says:

    Thank you so, so much. I was so attached to this ex and I never thought I would feel this happiness ever again. I’m crying right now because I never thought I would do it. Thank you again. <3

  29. 7B Smiles says:

    This was absolutely beautiful, I was wondering how to let go of the past and heal and now it seems more possible than ever. Many thanks

  30. Lucero Ortiz says:

    This made me cry, especially when I was visualizing the person who I held so close to my heart walking through the door. It felt so real that I cried out to him not to leave. I know this is going to be a process for me & it’s gonna take work for me to get over this person, but it needs to be done for my own well being. Thank you for the video, I needed it.

  31. Thank you Rasa, this was one of the most beautiful meditations I have ever done. God bless you for this! I am grateful 🤍

  32. As I write these words tears roll down my cheek. Oh, the ground seems to fail and that fire of infinite suns burns my chest. I wonder how many times I will have to go through these same feelings. In this relationship I was as aware and nurturing as could, kept eyes open and used all the lessons past, yet here I am once again burning… the difference is that now I also burn with as much awareness as possible. Please, oh please let I learn once for all.

  33. Why does this feel like giving birth? 🤔🙄😝😢😣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Helen McGinn says:

    Thank you, from my open heart, to yours. 🙏💔❤️💚

  35. Booboo YT says:

    I loved someone truly and madly, but she had hided her relationship with other guy for months, now I'm completely lossed my mind its blank 💔

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