Hypnosis for Finding your Life Purpose (guided hypnosis)

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Guided Meditation for Discovering your Soul’s Purpose

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Guided Meditation for Discovering your Soul’s Purpose With Isochronic Tones

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This guided meditation was created to help you find your life purpose or Soul purpose. If you have ever felt unfulfilled in life than this guided meditation may help.

Music and Vocals by Joe Treacy

Main Script by Denise Stallcup


Progressive Relaxation by Katherine Zimmerman

San Diego Hypnosis Home

Disclaimer: Never listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery. And this hypnosis audio is for educational purposes only. Please consult with a professional before listening.

guided meditation hypnosis


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Comments 46

  1. I saw really beautiful mermaids as they were escorting me in the water and I was swimming like them too .. it was as if I was a really important person. then I saw a crown being carried on a silk tray and saw myself walking slowly in a chapel like we see in game of thrones .. I was crowne and saw myself proudly sitting on the throne.. ( lucking it wasn't an iron throne) .. then I saw myself in suite in a high floor spacious office and I was in charge with a pen thinking .my desk had nothing but a laptop .. and I had the best view. I then discovered that I am the most well known business tycoon and people loved me. that was epic. thanks

  2. this meditation video was the first one that i actually saw something in. very good.

  3. Kata Vida says:

    It's very powerful.
    First time I listened to it I saw my chest wide open, saw my bleeding heart in it. Promised to protect it.
    Second and third time involved my heart too, crying my heart out during this meditation/hypnosis and getting comfort and love from the extended self.
    Can't see, hear anything regarding life purpose as such, not like what or who I'm going to be.
    I'm happy to give / receive that love…
    Would appreciate a recommendation for more suitable hypnosis that focuses on healing the heart.
    Thank you for everything

  4. i got just an image of a blank book. what the heck does that mean ?

  5. Diego Fallon says:

    Very nice meditation and soothing tone of voice.Thank you very much.!

  6. boom bang says:

    During the hypnosis I saw a lot of things but after the end of the hypnosis I didn't remember anything. I just remember that at first I saw girl with white skin with short hair cut (like men)

  7. Kawaii Chika says:

    What happens the person I saw I knew it was me but I had very long hair wearing a long white dress like how Greek women wear. I felt from her a goddess. I got closer I saw imprints of wolves on wall but Look closer to my other self she had a mysterious glowing eye between her eyebrows . Then I saw wolves around us I felt comfortable and loved. The area was cold, a little bit dark. I smell sea salt. When I woke up i looked at my hands took a deep breath and said wow.

  8. soltantio says:

    Nice meditation, but the first 16 minutes are basically relaxation which doesn't need to take nearly so long… I'm glad I skipped ahead

  9. Ive taken myself out of body on numerous occasions without guided meditation… but I havent discovered my soul purpose. Ive asked, ive atrempted to enter into that state of consiousness with the intent to discover my soul purpose and nothing…
    Ive seen many things on my journeys to that other place.

    This hasnt helped me at all… ive tried a lot of your meditations and hypnosis videos and i get absolutely nothing from it. Im not sure why… but im seeing many people have… i really dont understand but… you just dont do it for me man…

  10. unholypies says:

    Thank you so much for making this. Thanks to you, I can look forward to my life, instead of dreading it. I know that I'm gonna have a loving family, a beautiful golden retriever, a ginger tabby cat, and that I'm gonna be a child psychologist, just like I've always wanted. I can't wait till I grow up, so I can see this all unfold. I even know what I'll look like in the future ( and I'm certainly not bad looking, that's for sure loll)

  11. Yael Lee says:


  12. I saw myself on a beach, as a very happy, confident and knowledgeable person. I saw myself being totally in line with the spiritual world, and that I'm supposed to spread love and light, through my business.And to let go of any self doubt, limiting beliefs.

  13. “Woke up” about 20 minutes in. Seems to be a recurring theme for me. Don’t feel that I connect or meet my true self. I feel like I fall asleep then snap out of it before the end. Will keep trying though

  14. Molly M says:

    I had a hard time focusing or visualizing my purpose. I think at one point i saw a lion's head & the word strength kept coming to mind. Anyway, i drifted to sleep and woke up as it ended. I took a moment to blink a few times then picked up my phone: 11:11

  15. Sammy Styles says:

    I just cried but tears of joy! ❤

  16. Carmen Cales says:

    Is it normal to feel extremely emotional when having to say goodbye?.. I almost cried..

  17. SQUINCE says:

    I felt like I made me visualize me not that the vision came naturally do I need to do it again

  18. g 1 says:

    I got interrupted 3 times I could not focuse!

  19. Denise says:

    I saw myself lying in a hospital bed with a new born baby in my arms, but then I think I screamed out of pain… There was a man and a woman to in that room. That was the only thing I saw.

  20. Bine Schiff says:

    Your induction is so long, I always fall a sleep, have no idea what you are talking about when its about the topic 🤔

  21. This was one of the best meditation i ever did. Im so glad I finded you.

  22. Amy Brown says:

    Hi Joe, found your channel a few months ago and when I listen in the middle of the afternoon I wake feeling so very rested and at ease, thank you.

  23. Fritz Idler says:

    Nothing. Fell asleep.

    Only once have I been what I regard as genuinely hypnotized, and that was years ago. And still have no idea what it was trying to tell me. It was one of the tracks from "End Procrastination Now", by Wendi Friesen. It was like having a lucid dream. A dream I was aware of, following the script from the cd. It was weird. When the script added something new, it happened in the dream. And even though it was lucid, I was fooled at least three times into thinking I had woke up.

    I was lying in a recliner, in a strange room. There were stacks and stacks of papers filled with drawings and paintings. I once studied to be an artist, but haven't drawn or painted in decades, so was trying to get unstuck. And still am. Or am I? My ex-fiance walked into the room, with her husband, and her kids. Except for her, we had never met. I might was well not have been there; there was no interaction. Then I was out on the street, looking at their car in the rain. Then back to the room. While they talked to each other, a giant sloth walked by, and spoke to me. It was quite and exchange, but have no memory of what it was. I got up, and walked into the next room, which was pitch black. Then "woke up". Only to realize I was still asleep. Past that, the details blur. There were layers after layers. While I got no answers from this experience, I had a hope it would only be a matter of time. But it never happened again. After that, I only fall asleep. Like this time.

  24. I tried this, and saw nothing. I just saw my home, with no one in it. Then, I saw myself turn black and white, with black bars and designs flowing through me. When I came back, the person next to me looked angry, and when I said I don't understand, it told me to fuck off and left.

    That's it. That's all I saw.

    I don't think I have any purpose in life.

  25. Hugh Jass says:

    I got an image of Jeff Bezos. 🤔

  26. everytime i start meditation my body starts heating .. and i feel so hot i cant even go on

  27. 3:10 is when it really starts

  28. Europagirl01 says:

    That was really powerful and very beautiful. Thank you Joe. Your hypnotherapy and background music are amazingly healing. I've experienced some major understandings of certain blocks and traits that have held me captive for years. Thank you for sharing your gifts 🕊

  29. mit gosai says:

    I've been doing all these guided meditations, each n every single time I m left with no answers
    Last time when i reached out of the galaxy, saw a door open with bright white light went inside n it never ended got no answers
    This time I saw a road with sunset it got so dark that I couldn't see anything
    Why I don't get any answers ???

  30. Sanya Simone says:

    I felt warm and fuzzy when I connected, I know now we're already one, it felt like home..
    I already know me, I just forgot..
    🍀 Thank You 🍀

  31. Did anyone else pass out into a deep sleep to this?

  32. I Hope says:

    I started my meditation for like 15 minutes then my mother walks in and disrupted me. Ughhhhhh

  33. those are some beautiful visuals

  34. Thank you so much for such an inspiring tape. Have been practicing meditation/self-hypnosis and mindfulness for a few months possibly even a year with no satisfying results
    That was until recently and have eventually now got a grasp of meditation
    Was looking through old videos till I saw this one and although I remember trying this must’ve been about autumn last year but with new found confidence , I thought I,ll give this a go.
    This time, through deep focussing I imagined myself at old house in a small forest with a lovely beach half a mile away. This already exists in reality so let’s just say now I know exactly my life’s purpose which I am going to write in my journal immediately
    Thanks so much for your guidance

  35. ALI Alsaad says:

    I saw nothing!

  36. I couldn't see anyone anywhere my mind was just forcing itself to invent something maybe I was still in my consious mind

  37. ZZZ says:

    I had anxiety throughout the whole thing. I couldnt relax. Then that led to not seeing anything significant in a vision. I cant visualize either so I'm leaving this just as upset as I was when I started. I'll do it again later when my heart isn't beating like 120bpm I swear agh

  38. Sounds like Micheal Snipes from REM

  39. every time i asked my future self a question, they would just laugh and pet my hair. i didn't feel patronized or looked down on, though; i was actually really sad to have to leave. i hope i get to see them again soon

  40. i feel tingling all over my body and feels like my body will explode. idk whyyy :((

  41. I didn’t like this one feel like it didn’t guide me into visualising enough. It’s just like imagine this, then that and oof now imagine a chamber. I just feel weird now..

  42. Csf SF says:

    Why is there no breathing before starting ?

  43. This is probably one of my favourite meditations. The tone of your voice is so soothing. Every time I listen to this the visions are more clear. I’m absolutely fascinated by this. When I’m done I feel like everything is so clear, just a overall satisfied feeling, even though I didn’t get all the answers. Does anyone else feel this way?

  44. I felt as though the 'future me' person in my visualisation wasn't actually me… they just looked sad and broken and I have never seen that in a hypnosis/meditation before. Has anyone else felt this?! I'm worried now! 🙁

  45. Vivek Appadu says:

    It worked for me
    Thank you

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