HIGHER SELF Guided MEDITATION. Receive Wisdom From Your Higher Self.

Guided meditation hypnosis for assembly your greater self. Talk along with your greater self and obtain knowledge utilizing visualization. Use some safety strategies earlier than you start as described in my earlier video right here: https://youtu.be/LV2AgT6r9Ec I’ll calm down you into a delicate hypnotic state the place your unconscious thoughts is accessible and open to receiving communication unhindered.

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a guided meditation obtain solutions out of your greater self


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Comments 20

  1. IdolEyes84 says:

    This was uploaded on my Birthday 🙂

  2. IdolEyes84 says:

    Thanks so much Nicki your voice and words and beautiful and calming. :)I always have dreams that look like our Earth's sky in the city is a storm and is purple like 20:45. My higher self looked like me, with those colours running through it. I don't know if I forced and asked to see what I did or if my higher self made me see it? I saw the goals I am working on being achieved and me doing the things I love. Being creative and seeing more of my friends and meeting famous people. 🙂 Then I asked "where's James he should be here" he is my spirit guide. He was my step cousin who passed away a few months ago around my age (in his late 20s). He appeared and I cried. Then I saw all my loved ones and my pets and cried and I said "I don't want to leave you here I miss you, come back with me", They said they have to stay but we can meet again in that place. Is all of this real or did I make it up because I wanted all of this? Thank you. x

  3. I am Blessed says:

    I got all the messages to the questions I had from my higher self. Thank you so much for this Meditation.

  4. I stepped into a starry night of beautiful crystalline snow. I was looking around, wondering what the message might be, and suddenly there are about 20 hybrid kids! I was totally surprised by this. We played in the snow. 'Play with the kids to connect with them!' was my message.

  5. OMG, that quite an abrupt return!!!

  6. zen spirit says:

    Oh my wow! 😲 what an amazing experience! Thank you so very much! Sending love and light to all ☀️

  7. Thank you for this wonderful meditation. You are so worthy.
    Love and light to yours.
    Blessed Be. Namaste

  8. Thank you for this. Your voice coupled with the excellent background sound are the best I've experienced on this kind of recorded medttation.

  9. I saw the word self control then a saw a building with the sun behind it and a binder book being opened 🤨

  10. I saw the word self control then a saw a building with the sun behind it and a binder book being opened 🤨

  11. Lisa D. says:

    Thank you❤️

  12. L W says:

    Thank u so much 4 this Nicky. I felt such a loving comforting energy it made me cry 😢 sooo much. I felt like I was reunited with a love I had missed so much I can't explain it. I simply cried and thanked my higher self for always being with me, even when I wasn't aware. I asked 4 guidance and to be shown what I need to learn right now, I waited…… I never saw anything. I simply felt unconditionally loving energy. I cried more. I wanted to hold on and keep her in my awareness, but I had to return back to the door that I had entered in and close it back behind me. I went back to my lounge chair and cried. 💕💕 thank u Nicky for this very special meditation.

  13. ……people talkin bout how amazing it was……all I did was feel heavy and go completely deaf for minutes on end…… maybe I did something wrong…..whoops 😅

  14. OMEGA BOY says:

    thank you so much for this experience <3 feel loved Nicky

  15. There was a cup of water for me to drink at the lounge and behind the door I saw fire… felt a litle anxious… but my higher self helped me organize the room. 😳🤷🏼‍♀️
    Thank you Nick… love and light 🥰

  16. I Wish the best for you. Keep Entertaining Your fans! Also, I really want to be friends

  17. MikeandRere says:

    Wow! Before you even mentioned it I was in a cozy room with a log fire in a nice chair. When I looked up my higher self was there smiling and relaxing. She looked toward the door behind her and I went through it. When I first went through it I saw my soulmate… the one who left me. Then I started to see the faces of those I love who have passed away. I ran to hug all of them. Then I sat down to have a picnic as I was in a beautiful forest. All those I saw turned into energy in the form of balls of light. I saw my soulmate again (someone who is alive still but who I miss dearly and who I’ve been very depressed over) I ran to him and hugged him and when I opened my eyes it was me… my higher self saying all the love I was feeling wasn’t from Him but from me. She said it was coming from “here” and placed her hand on my heart then this huge spiral of light and love starting flowing out of me… I realized I’ve been looking for love externally but I have SOOO much of it inside of me. I didn’t want to leave

  18. KillerxGrim says:

    Omg this was so beautiful like something weird happen plzzz someone explain to me what this means so in like the middle of the meditation my arms was rising and rising and then my arms moved out word and it was going slowly too and then then kept moving outward and moved slowly down to my knees and they started rising again what could this mean and oh before i did the meditation outside was all greyish and when i finish the meditation outside was bright and sunny and i felt so happy it felt like i noticed i was alive for the first time someone plz explain this

    And oh yea i was not moving AT ALL my arms were doing its own thing

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