Heal Your Body Naturally: Powerful Guided Healing Meditation for Pain Relief & Sleep (4K)

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guided meditation for healing


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Comments 27

  1. Emily Perron says:

    Listening to my fave honest guys while on day 7 in the hospital fighting 2 internal infections at 25. Missing my family. Knocked me right out and feeling better 🙏🏻

  2. Loving u guys more every day, last night I felt so so good w other meditation for sleeping, so far the best! Helping me w depression already!

  3. So simple yet so effective. I focused on my hip and I felt such warmth. Definitely going to do this again.

  4. This is such a body healer, I love this meditation. I thank the creator for healing of the mind body and soul. Great meditation. Peace

  5. Tamara Long says:

    This is the best meditation I have done. It’s wonderful. I feel so peaceful after participating in this meditation

  6. Listen to this at bedtime,soothing healing calming beautiful meditation thank you x

  7. Thank you for this 🕉

  8. nisah g. says:

    i’ve been having nosebleeds where instead of the blood coming out of my nose, it drips down my throat and when i spit, it’s bloody. please heal me of this completely.

  9. lynn clark says:

    Wow peace ? Nice ty

  10. Parul Varma says:

    It's a beautiful experience. I felt so relaxed and peaceful.

  11. Joe Dub says:

    I listened to this high on marywana and it was the best healing I've ever had

  12. ricofresh22 says:

    Heal my mind and body and everything

  13. Day bel says:

    i asked the universe why i haven’t found love yet and it told me to heal my body. so i came here and when this told me to send loving thoughts i cried cuz i realized i was the one who needed to love me all along. i really needed this. thank you.

  14. This morning’s meditation had helped me

  15. One of the best Meditation the honest Guys have done to date. Wonderful Meditation

  16. Tabassum Ara says:

    Thank you so very much… It's so relaxing… I shall continue listening to it ❤❤😇😇

  17. Isabella S says:

    My back hurts so much I can’t move. I will try this.

  18. Abigail Anne says:

    Thank you❤️

  19. angie lim says:

    Does this work for cough?

  20. RayL says:

    I really appreciate whoever made this video my body has been in mental and physical pain but this video helped me relief that thank you so much!

  21. Beautiful
    Thank you!

  22. Karishma says:

    I am forever grateful for every video you create, thank you so much for this healing energy, I’m sending it back to you and out to all who need it 💫✨💖🌸❤️

  23. suhani k says:

    Will this help to get rid of some problems of body?

  24. Raheem_TV says:

    Could I listen to this for someone else (girlfriend) other than myself?

  25. I live alone, I puked blood and fell on the floor with a major pain to the stomach. I did this to get back strength to drive to the hospital. The police didn't pick up my call and I this practically saved my life. Thank you.

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