Guided Sleep Meditation: Set Free Your Inner Child, Sleep Talk Down

A guided sleep meditation to let loose your internal youngster with a calming sleep discuss down. (adopted by 30 minutes of meditation music.) For a comforting sleep, obtain your FREE guided sleep meditation!

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Guided Sleep Meditation: The Haven of Peace. Extremely Deep Leisure. Darkish Display screen 🌅

Sleep Speak Down: Abundance, Love & Happiness Guided Sleep Meditation By Jason Stephenson 🍃

Guided Sleep Meditation FOREST RELAX By Jason Stephenson 🌿

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This work isn’t supposed to substitute for skilled medical or counselling recommendation. For those who endure from a bodily or psychological sickness, please at all times search skilled assist.


a guided meditation jason stephenson


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Comments 23

  1. Lisa Culp says:

    This meditation was right on time and incredibly beautiful 🌺

  2. prem sunar says:

    nice great sir

  3. Hi Star 🌟 Gratitude Tutor 🙏much love for the sleep 💤 with you tonight.👏
    It is looking at the inner child 👶 can be a challenge but accept with love 💓 & blessings 🙏of care of the journey of patience 😌
    Those across the world have a great week lots of love 💓 hugs 🤗 blessings✝️ of peace 🕊🦄💖
    May you dear Star🌟 have angel 👼 wings in sleep 🛏 to guide you into sweet dreams 💤
    Love 💓& light 🏮🌛🌞🌻🦄🦉🦅🦋🐬🦘💝

  4. Buddhism is belief in karma, rebirth and no desire of anything. Ok let me ask you this question..

    -Buddhist say that every birth is a rebirth.
    -Starting now moving backwards, you had a finite number of rebirths…
    -If every birth is a rebirth and it's a finite number then there must've been FIRST birth right…

    OK so in the first birth what price where you paying by your belief in karma ?

    My friends look….

    Spirituality without your Creator is like a glass without water. You are drinking emptiness.

    When we look into the human heart we see the lust, the greed, the hate, the pride, the anger, and the jealousies that are so destructive. This is at the heart of the human predicament, and the Scriptures call this condition sin.

    Only through repentance and faith in Christ can anyone be saved. No religious activity will be sufficient, only true faith and fellowship with Jesus Christ alone.

    The biggest difference between Jesus Christ and ethical and moral teachers who have been deified by man. Is that these moralists came to make bad people good. Jesus came to make dead people live!

    Outside of Jesus Christ there is no answer because the answer is Jesus Christ.

    Jesus is the Son of God. He was, he is, he will be.

    Did you know that Jesus loves YOU so much that if you were the only human on earth, he would go on the cross just for you.

    He is…….. ( the ) Truth ( the ) Way ( the ) Life.

    Speak to him today and open yourself to him. He knows you, and loves you.

  5. Love your meditations Jason,I always fall asleep before it's finished,I listen to the rest of it in the morning.Thanks keep them coming.

  6. tinker bell says:

    just what I needed! thank you so much jason

  7. Amazing meditation video thanks a lot!

  8. Jason: Please take a moment to get comfortable

    Me, 50 positions, six different pillow arrangements and ten on and off blanket kicks later: Okay I’m ready

    My cat outside my bedroom door: AAAAAAAA

    Me: 🙂

  9. How incredibly beautiful. I saw this on my phone at 4 in the morning. Thank you for this peaceful, healing meditation. 💞

  10. Jason Stephenson is the best creator for relax! I actually created my own channel called " Sal Inner Peace " to show even MORE relaxing highlights – come and check it out and will always follow back.

  11. SAYF says:

    I always fall asleep before the visualization 😂😂

  12. I am very emphaty person I feel a lots good and bad energy since I was child some days I don't want be like this because you have so many mood change in one day but with you Jason I start to manage much better. Thank you 😊

  13. Paige Chiang says:


  14. In Spired says:

    This is the most beautiful meditation I've ever experienced, thank you ❤️

  15. Did somebody said inner child I clicked faster then my eyes blinked twice😂😂😂😂

  16. Thank you so much, for this beautiful sleep talk down, as always its pleasure to listen to your team's amazing work. The picture reminds me of your surrender meditation, I am glad you choose this as it brings a let go feeling! as well as a memory lane journey, truly inspiring me.

  17. Oh my….I listened to this last night. I was absolutely shocked to find myself sobbing as I "spent time with" my inner child. Thank you for helping me confront that particular demon ♥️

  18. Olivia Kirch says:

    Jason, could you please make more guided sleep meditations like this .. they’re incredible and really help.. thank you 😊 a forever grateful follower 🙏 💖 like so Jason can see x

  19. Be Better says:

    Who ever is reading this god bless you in every moment of life ..

  20. Ralph Adkins says:

    I would LOVE to hear you read The Hobbit! Or other books.

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