Guided Sleep Meditation Fall Asleep Quickly, Spoken Meditation

Sleep well with our guided sleep meditation, designed to help you fall asleep quickly. This is a spoken meditation with affirmations. For a comforting sleep, download your FREE guided sleep meditation!

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Guided Sleep Meditation (5 spoken sleep meditations in one long meditation) 😴✨

Guided Meditation for Sleep… Floating Amongst the Stars 🌟💫

Back To Basics Guided Meditation 🌞💕

Get more great sleep –

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This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counselling advice. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help.


guided meditation for deep sleep


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Comments 26

  1. Ally L says:

    I am under duress

  2. Thank you so much

  3. What sorcery are you doing to me at night! I'm sleeping very well thanks to these videos

  4. I knocked tf out

  5. Donald R says:

    This track gave me nightmares twice in 2 hours. First was a Satanic roommate, second was working at my old job. Why is that? Anyone have a clue? I usually listen to Michael Sealey.

  6. 8:30 am cant sleep

  7. 320hp says:

    I have an anxiety disorder ive been battling for decades and your videos have helped me immensely Jason! I'm actually considering starting a channel because in addition to helping people, I believe this could help me improve my own meditation even better. I do have a question if you get time to answer- where do you find longer background audio music? I can either only find 5-7 minute song files which I'd have to paste a mention on description. Or I find sites with nicer, much longer songs but they want 40-50/ song just for 1 time use, even more if we plan on using it multiple times ie: more than 1 YT video. I'm on such a tight budget I'm just looking to find some decent quality songs that are free to download, no copyright issues etc. If they dont exist I will try to put some money aside but havent been working due to my anxiety plus covid made us close our company down. Thanks and any info greatly appreciated- love from Canada

  8. Alyson Chen says:


  9. Raco Moore says:

    My fibromyalgia pain keeps me up night and day

  10. Stella Paiva says:

    Musicsa romantica


  11. Mary C says:

    This works so good, I've fallen asleep to it a number of times…thanks Jason!!!

  12. These never work for me it sucks big time. Wish iwas able to use these videos but im too active in my brain i think

  13. zara A says:

    Thaks dear Jason❤🌹

  14. Thanks u so much😀. Hope u all stay safe 😷👍

  15. Zania Davis says:

    Best if listened to with headphones 🎧 makes a world of a difference I listen to this every night an it works miracles I mean seriously i do dream most everytime I listen to it but there friendly dreams but say I wake up in between the session I go to the bathroom whatever come back put headphones on an within another 15 mins max I’m right back into dreamland it’s great

  16. Mark Wilkins says:

    For the love of God please quit repeating everything twice! I Am autistic and for me this is one of my absolute worst nightmares. Please keep that in mide when you do another video. There are a lot of people like me, and the entire reason we have insomnia is because we are autistic.

  17. Erika P says:

    Jason you are my fav! I need a husband who can soothe me like this.

  18. Helen Huang says:

    I fell asleep and the next day i was sleeping on top of my phone 😭😂 this surprisingly helped me fall asleep

  19. Nikz says:

    It worked the first time. So let's try it again

  20. Diva-Nicole says:

    Thank you for mentioning the alarm I have forgot

  21. I have a blind mind’s eye. I’m so curious about if I could visualize if this would work faster. Or what other people with aphantasia get from this. All I have is his words. But they keep my mind calm so I keep coming back. Anyone else out there?

  22. Mighty iller says:

    Omg I forgot to set my alarm. Thanks Jason haha xD

  23. sam alcott says:

    Perfect for putting the day behind you so relaxing.

  24. P F says:

    For members reticent to trust this voice to SAFELY lead you into a deep, productive sleep:
    1. Worry can do more harm than an illness, because your thoughts make it so. To worry is to think worrisome thoughts, and your physical experience never has a choice but to follow what the mind creates.
    2. The timeline of productivity should display a yellow tick/marker at each point an ad is inserted into the video, and that includes all videos on youtube.
    3. I really do believe the author would not place ads during which a time you would be at your most vulnerable. My goodness, just the thought…

    … Obviously if you know you were deliberately shaken out of the meditation, the right to legal procedings would occur for suffering . I know it has happened to people I do not know. But I, myself, asked an author the very question 2 months ago. Deliberately scaring the ** out of someone is to injure their mental/emotional state, which would cause a lawsuit for pain and suffering and harrassment.
    The reason, this:

    There is (hopefully 'was') a video where Julie Andrews is singing The Sound of Music. If you know this classic film, your mouth will go agape when I tell you that in 2011 I was sitting among 5 second grade children, eyes closed, envisaging the hills of Austria and Switzerland, singing, etc….
    When all of a sudden some creep of inhumane proportions edited the song / video to suddenly cause a wild, torcherous, shock-splitting WOLF HEAD WITH TEETH, etc… shrieking in monstrous proportions of a horror film, scaring the absolute a;sdklfja;skldjfa;skfj out of the children with me.

    This world has become so desensitized as to play carnal attacks on people without cause to responsibility and to carelessly press the 'ENTER' key, knowing full well their plan and actions will scare the absolute sh*, fu**, and godd** out of innocent, trusting people and children. The sh**head who did such a low, baseless thing clearly has their laugh at crappy life as it was given to them, only repeating how they view trust and stability. As if having to live through that not being horrid enough… but to then transfer it onto people seeking innocent, trusting love.
    I did report it, and never did seek it out again. My own child absolutely FREAKED into screaming and crying so badly I could not even think… just watching her, unable to process my own terrifying shock.

    Enough said. Please, always report such things. There are laws for people; people have rights. You have the right to enjoy without thinking that natural goodness and hope are gone, ready for more junk, never to be scared or affected, desensitized.

    I wish you all the safety, love and peace.

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