Guided meditation – To turn off your EGO!

A simple 20 minute Guided meditation To turn off your EGO!

What is an ego death? relax with some good quality headphones as I guide you through the meditation to turn off your ego!

letting go of ego never felt so easy until today try it out to see for yourself. 🙂

guided meditation ego


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Comments 28

  1. Desstpacito says:

    This was just amazing. After I just looked at myself so different like I’m a human. My entire life everything I chose to do I did because it was just who I was. 👏🏽☮️

  2. Gianni P says:

    I feel dramatically different after preforming this meditation 👁
    It’s as if my mindset has changed.
    Highly recommend anyone to do this.

  3. Higher Ego says:

    Wow while I was doing this meditation I could feel myself getting lighter and like 40m or so has passed because I didn't even realized the meditation was over and I was in this being moment as I was floating above my body or ego I was observing my thoughts and past memories it felt like my subconscious was healing my past memories and replacing them with more relevant memories and as soon as I become concious I floated back into my body and I looked at the time it was almost 4am and I started this meditation at around 2:50 so I can't even remember half the things I was doing subconsciously.. this is one of my weirdest meditation experiences so far good video:D

  4. Roni Razasri says:

    How come this never works for me

  5. Joe S. says:

    This meditation gave be a big stiffy. Boi yoi yoi yoi yoing! 😊

  6. Wow you put a lot of effort into this video but it just was not for me at all. The pauses you were taking just filled me with anger… Glad everyone else enjoyed though

  7. Bob Ross says:

    Something strange happened the first time i listened kinda left my body but this time did it in dark room and my heart started beating fast towards the end while my eyes opened. What could this mean? Did i actually finally have an ego death hahaha

  8. Michael Soto says:

    This meditiation was amazing! It helped me see clearer on certain situations and helped release some leftover emotions that I could feel was dragging me down. Thank you for making this video, much love ❤

  9. Sherry Smith says:

    Wow, this worked! my depression is gone. Wow!!!!!!

  10. Gotta say a little disappointed in this video was a waste of time. Go into your chest and then just have a out of body experience. Uh sorry we aren't all master of astral projection and can do that at will. Make or sound like it takes 5 seconds to come out of your physical body.

  11. I did this and at first I didn’t really feel anything. But a couple minutes in I got really relaxed. It was as if my body and my environment was become one. It was really trippy. I could feel my self awareness sort of fade in and out. Then unfortunately I fell asleep. I need to try this again when I feel more awake.

  12. this changed my life. thank you

  13. Thank You 🌟🌻☀️💚

  14. When you say awareness of your body, do you mean that pressure/tingling feeling? Cuz I can only ever feel that in my limbs.

  15. Both of my hands went completely numb I was looking down at myself

  16. Vibeguy1052 says:

    I felt tons of vibrations and when I looked inside myself I felt a lot of heat like a flame also it felt like my body was spinning in circles really fast any body know what this means thanks

  17. His voice is soothing . I like how he nice story teller about is experiences

  18. let me you tell you this is the best meditation i ever did and i meditate for many hours everyday,you are a genius man.

  19. I am aware of the awareness that is aware of itself being aware

  20. Samantha R says:

    Wow I went into a dream state. Very interesting experience

  21. My God! This was amazing

  22. Succ Ess says:

    Didn’t ego die but I fell asleep and had an incredible dream that felt as if it was two days long

  23. Kali says:

    15 minutes in and my legs jerked me awake. Wtf I actually want to meditate

  24. I feel lighter 🤷🏽‍♀️

  25. Craig Murray says:

    At the start of all quided meditations it's like I realise or remember that I've done it before, Al most like deja vu, but before it properly gets into it it snaps out and stops and it's like this stops the meditations from working. This this just my mind playing tricks on me or is there an actual reason behind it?

  26. Thank you for the meditation, I am truly grateful 🙏

  27. John Doe says:

    While the idea of having an ego death and transcending everything that is associated with it may seem attractive upon first inspection, it is important to recognize that the ego is not necessarily a negative thing and viewing it as your enemy can be detrimental to you. The goal should always be to develop a healthy ego and this can be accomplished by deep introspection of what the ego truly is and how it affects you and your loved ones. Recognizing what the ego for what it is will greatly assist in subduing it, but again, it would not be wise to blow this out of proportion because it is a necessary part of our experience that enables us to function in this 3D material realm and you will not be able to cope with life without the concepts of language, memories, etc. This is simply my take on the matter, but please feel free to take what resonates with you and discard everything else. Abundance, health, and prosperity to all.

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