Guided Meditation for Deepest Sleep: Ascension From Earth to Stars (Sleep Meditation Dreaming)

Drift and dream as you descend into a fantastic bedtime sleep, and picture a blissful journey which can take you from a peaceable earth into the majestic stars …

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Welcome to this guided meditation expertise for serving to you to go to sleep and into your deepest leisure. Merely pay attention alongside to the deep leisure ideas introduced to your unconscious thoughts, as you permit your unconscious self to create lucid desires of vivid coloration, sound, and emotions of tranquility.

This sleep meditation expertise could also be repeated as typically as you select to bolster your nightly calmness, total stress reduction, nervousness discount, and improved sleep.

Take pleasure in!


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Unique vocals and pictures by Michael Sealey © 2016

Royalty Free Inventory Footage and Animations credit:
Footage Island

guided meditation deep sleep


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Comments 43

  1. How to thank you for this wonderful meditation! Extremely powerful and effective. Be blessed dear Michael. Thank you so much. 🦋💖🦋

  2. Omg I fell asleep in the middle of this & had such a deep sleep. Now it's the next morning.. Thank you so much!

  3. Noah Clark says:

    I became a fan of yours over night no pun intended

  4. How in hell does this have 6k dislikes?! It's bloody brilliant and 6000+ of you are silly.

  5. Alex D says:

    this is unbelievable ! After 1st sentence I started yawning. .my eyes was closing I slept in no time
    after long long time suffering from sleeping disorder .
    And not only I slept calmly and woke up rested !
    Thank You Mr Michael Sealey
    God bless

  6. this is an amazing guided meditation! it made me feel so beautiful and light that I started unknowingly feeling my skin and achieving some kind of unity with and yet seeing it all happen from far far away. wow, thanks!

  7. Ruby Porter says:

    Nothing beats the relaxation of Michael Sealey. He is truly the only one I can listen to at night. Other people tend to make a snare like sound when whispering. He is just smooth bliss to the soul and ears

  8. I've been split open 4 times with abdominal hernia repair surgeries and have 3 mesh nets installed and chronic abdominal pain. Used to not get much sleep staying awake stressed, in pain, angry, depressed, tossing and turning. Ever since I've started listening to Michael Sealey at bedtime, been sleeping more soundly. Not waking up constantly, been happier and less stressed. Thank you Michael Sealey.

  9. PLEASE put this audio on iTunes!!

  10. He doesn’t get nearly as many likes because everybody’s already asleep

  11. I have insomnia and I had so much trouble going to sleep and when I did I’d only sleep for a couple hours and I came across one of Michaels videos, at first I thought it’d be weird to hear a mans voice talking while I try sleeping but I gave it a try and I don’t even remember when I knock out but THANK YOU MICHAEL ILY

  12. Thank you sooooo much, Michael!!! Your meditations are life savers, especially with 3 kids :)))
    I was wondering if it’s possible to support your channel by donating some money?

  13. Jeez ur voice it so calm I fall asleep listening even if it isn't for sleeping

  14. My everyday routine 😴

  15. I really appreciate these videos, I listen to one of your videos most nights of the week and they never fail to help me. I’ve tried listening to other people’s videos but nobody else has been able to help me sleep. I recommend these videos to anybody who struggles to calm down and fall asleep.

  16. Who is here in April/2020? Only this to make me sleep during this tough time humanity is going trough ..thinking of you all and all of your families ❤️

  17. amiramarwa1 says:

    These videos actually work. Even when i have a hard time sleeping, these videos never fail me. His voice is the most soothing i have found amongst other hypnotist. Thank you for this gift. I have nejoyed this many times while benefiting greatly at other times.

  18. Sean Lynch says:

    I love this

  19. Vipul Raj says:

    Hey you stop reading cooments and go to sleep👀👀👀

  20. coat hunt says:

    Oh My Gosh!!! I like this one. You always make nice videos … infact i'm inspired to work … smartly on my channel

  21. thupten Lha says:

    It worked. Now i m addicted to this.

  22. He's just perfect, and I'm french 😉 Hello from France !
    This voice is….hypnotic…And after 2 seconds, you'll sleep…
    Incredible 😉

  23. "So, sleep now "==== Okay…. Zzzz zzz 😴

  24. I thought I was going to stay awake, but woke up 7 hours later.

  25. Gonna like the vid before I hit the sack ❤️ thanks

  26. Lol Dolan says:

    I have to give my husband attention before I am allowed to let " my boyfriend"(he calls you this ) talk me to sleep… Haha seriously. He gets rather jealous..hehe. Xx

  27. Dude, this guy made me sleep in less than a minute lmao

  28. Are you a fellow Aussie or a New Zealander? Thanks for you video! X

  29. He doesn’t even keep ads in his video just to relax us and not interrupt❤️…I respect your passion and dedication sir

  30. I can’t listen till the end 😪

  31. Debbie Ford says:

    I have MS with really bad fatigue! I was sleeping 12-13 hours and was more tired than I was when I went to sleep. I now sleep 7-8 hours and my fatigue has decreased by 50%. Only have been doing it for 2 months. Can’t wait to see if it will get better as time goes by!

  32. I.C.E. says:

    I only lasted 9 mins then I fell asleep

  33. ElusiveNomad says:

    I love your videos Michael, listen to them almost every night, really helps me to drift off….

  34. Renee Morgan says:

    Don't forget to like this when you wake back up 😴

  35. Vicky Gaglia says:

    Does anyone know how this video ends, cause I always fall asleep …

  36. Debbie Ford says:

    After suffering from the effects of MS, sleep was a waste of time. I would sleep from 12-14 hours and feel tired and fatigued ALL the time. Since using this method of sleep, maybe I might sleep 5-7 hours. I feel totally rested and my fatigue has improved more than 50%! Thank you so much!

  37. TheDominator says:

    This works better then alcohol or melatonin ever will.

  38. I have listened to many only to switch them off…this is a nightly ritual for the last 3 years…i sleep…if i wake sometimes i listen to rain…but I always come back to this…the visualizations are beautiful and Michael you have the best voice on the internet….a profound thank you for this…

  39. Beautiful ascension x


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