Deep Sleep Guided Meditation, Body Scan to Ease Tension Release Negativity (with Rainfall)

Have a deep sleep with this guided sleep meditation physique scan. For the most effective sleep ever obtain your FREE meditation!

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This work shouldn’t be meant to substitute for skilled medical or counselling recommendation. When you endure from a bodily or psychological sickness, please all the time search skilled assist.


guided meditation physique scan


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Comments 24

  1. Chill & Heal says:

    I'm scared to show my partner your channel because I know your voice will win her over! 😀

  2. I appreciate your content! It’s just the speed of the speech is a bit too quick for me personally to feel relaxed. You’re doing great though!!

  3. Hi Jason i love the music but I don't like it a little because I felt like it was too loud

  4. Jason, I got to say you have the best guided meditations! Please do more spirit guide meditations, dont stop making content!

  5. Excellent work….❤❤❤

  6. Thank you for guiding me to a restful sleep.

  7. hazeal15 says:

    I think I got to the body scan left foot then I fell fast asleep. Biggest block of sleep I've had in a long time. Nearly 5 hours. Thankyou.

  8. Lost KillerX says:

    I’ve never been able to sleep at night so I easy thank you so much I’m finally able to, your like a drug I’m addicted to your voice and it makes me sleep

  9. Rachael Fox says:

    This was great but every time he said something after a quiet pause I think I jumped 😂😅

  10. Thought i'd use this just before sleep and about 5mins in there was an ad. Pretty fucking annoying.

  11. This whole meditation is beautiful. Although don't message much, I still have everything you do in my heart. x

  12. Enjoyed this immensely, Had me levitating. Thank you 🙏🏼

  13. A K says:

    Does anyone know why now we are having ads in the middle of the video? They're super disruptive and defeats the purpose of this otherwise great video to help sleep….

  14. Jess says:

    i really wish the tons of ads didn't keep going off and waking me up.. pretty counterproductive 😔

  15. Montsergirl says:

    Jason I love these soooooo much, I have had a little YouTube break but back here for your amazing HELPFUL videos… I understand needing ads but in the middle of meditation? May I ask why this is in all of the new videos now? I can’t even listen to these now 💔💔💔

  16. hoiner05 says:

    Seriously though, with all the adds? Every time I fell asleep, another damn add played and woke me up. Only made it 9:39 in and had to find a new video.

  17. SeaweedCat says:

    Honestly I wasn't breathing deeply because I started crying lol. That part about the past and future being unable to hurt you, and your present helping to nurture you really got to me for some reason. I wasn't having a bad day per se, just feeling down for no reason but this instantly made me feel better.

  18. You should do the ads at the end. Most people are asleep by the time it gets to the end. They kept waking me up.

  19. Sara H says:

    Hi Jason hope ur well, My names Sara I’m 18 n I struggle with mental health issues,n depression. I want to thank u for making these thoughtful videos, ur words calm me down n help me sleep. I listen to u every night. Thank u so much.

  20. Blade says:

    Jason you say night time but can I use it during the day or morning at home while I'm stressed too? 🙂

  21. Thank you so much fot your deep and body scan it has helped so much thank you

  22. Hi Jason, I have been listening to this meditation regularly for a couple of months now and 9 out of 10 times I don't even make it halfway through as I'm already asleep 🙂 Only recently did I manage to listen through the whole thing for the first time. Thank you for making this meditation, it's of great benefit to me.

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