Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief

Stressed out? Can’t seem to relax? Take a deep breath in… and don’t forget to breathe out. Here’s a way to relieve and manage your stress levels.

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guided meditation deep breathing


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Comments 42

  1. Wow that was so slow.

  2. Karina J's says:

    I feel like dying because I'm done with breath in and she just starts to count, i lost it at 3.

  3. True NYC says:

    I can't breath in for that long.

  4. Rhys Mogford says:

    Soulvana needs to bin itself off

  5. journey Lee says:

    Thank you !! Need this so much

  6. Omg I can't breathe for that long was this intended for Olympic swimmers..

  7. Edgar Paulk says:

    I loved your presentation. Most presenters just talk and talk and talk. You came to the point right away. This was the very best.

  8. Parakeet says:

    I feel like my body is so heavy and i cant move it and its also difficult to breath im afraid i have corona virus or im having a hearth attack i also sweat like crazy

  9. Here is a link to a resistance breathing trainer, I’ve been getting great results with this, clearer breathing, more stamina, it is amazing,

  10. Her voice is also relieving 🥰

  11. JESS ICA says:

    are you tryna kill us through the screen?i cant breathe for that long lmao

  12. i passed out. sparko..

  13. Hoot Roblox says:

    My breathe is not normal right now because my grandfather just died 😢
    I'm really stressful and shaking rn😢😢😢😢😢😢

  14. There is not enough air to breath out to 7!!!

  15. ZEN MEERKAT says:

    Powerful and very effective thank you very much

  16. invest inv says:

    Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief
    To adequately battle pressure, you have to actuate your body's regular unwinding reaction. Methods, for example, profound breathing, representation, contemplation, and yoga can help.

  17. Who’s here for history hw

  18. Sarah Khater says:

    The music is magical can u tell me wat is it

  19. Some Guy says:

    Shes got a point. Stress cant affect us if we die from lack of oxygen.

  20. Akua Boaduah says:

    this is dangerous lol

  21. Karyl Debolt says:

    You can get best workout for 10 dollars, just look on Unflexal website.

  22. Thanks I will try for better benefits ……

  23. hafiz nazri says:

    Play at 1.25x speed. Thank me later

  24. Click Videos says:

    Best Meditation on Breathing, Mind relaxing in 7 Steps teaching of the Buddha (anapanasathiya).

    watch this video :

    This is the meditation on in-and-out breathing, is the first subject of meditation expounded by the Buddha, the Great Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness. Then the Buddha has explained how anapana sati has to be cultivated. One breathes in mindfully, breathes out mindfully. From birth to death this function of in-breathing and out-breathing continues without a break, without a stop, but since we do not consciously reflect on it, we do not even realize the presence of this breath. If we do so, we can derive much benefit by way of calm and insight. Thus the Buddha has advised us to be aware of the function of breathing.

  25. Ghost Spooky says:

    Advice from a lucky guy with 3-5 panic attacks a day for 15 years struggling to meditate and do breathing exercises. Take that boxed breathing as a goal. It’s okay if you don’t have the endurance to go that far from the start.

    I personally use a breathing app and set a custom of 3 seconds in, 3 seconds hold, 4 seconds exhale, 3 seconds hold and it’s getting a little easier every day. Like all exercising, you have to work your way up.

    If you’re suffering from anxiety and trying to manage it this way, best of luck and don’t give in.

  26. Florxlla - says:

    Love how everyone in the comments are saying they can’t breathe 😂 they ain’t wrong

  27. She looks Chinese

  28. Sabatrol says:

    5 seconds she is counting those 5 seconda like in some other time metric system i don't know no i got high from to mutch oxygen

  29. Fouad says:

    Thank you! very effective to me

  30. Who else couldn’t breathe in ? I thought this was supposed to teach me to breathe? Lol

  31. Warriors unite! Time has come, for all of us, to fight for our world and maintain its peace! Time has come for all of us to make this world a better place to live! Time has come to become the Warriors of Peace! Amen! 😊🙏

  32. Jason Ross says:

    Solution: play at double speed then you'll manage.

  33. Eagle Zin says:

    Dont do this while eating chips….doesnt work out well.

  34. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Boy this comment section is totally relatable. Any way you have to keep practicing to attain the certain level

  35. need another set of lungs to breath that long lol

  36. or lungs the size of a double airbed

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