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Comments 38

  1. This type of medataion is so soothing to me, I put it as one of my favorites on my list👍👍👍👍😌👍

  2. Thank you so very very much Jason for this beautiful Meditation . The sounds , your words and your voice are in absolute harmony and that is what makes it such a good meditation for us. 🌻🌼🌹💕😊

  3. Izzy Boo NZ says:

    I find it hard to visualise the colours , any tips? Thank you

  4. Neel Rakshit says:

    Thank so much seema Rakshit

  5. WhoIsHyped says:

    bro if I get another ad during a meditation im gonna lose my shit

  6. Diane Allen says:

    I always end up dreaming weird things.. Do I still benefit from the things you say??

  7. Damian J says:

    Kool stuff!!!! this type of work got me of of herion before I had my son age 20-21 he’s 8 now and I locked my self in room asked parents to watch son did a bunch of parenting classes after a week n half in room not leaving I studied this type of sleeping and self healing ! And I made it through my the worst days and got to sleep 💤 was amazing help it saved my life and now I’m a 29 year old single dad with a 8 year old calmer n calmer I’m a new person . This can work wondering in many other ways !! !!! Thank you 🙏 god bless man I have a gorgeous son now and love lucid dreams and being able to sleep without using any substance. Never though it was possible I was low. Life is what you make it people !!!! Ups and downs but it’s all part of learning

  8. Thanks bro! 😢

  9. Jason, this is just so beautiful! Thank you. Is there any chance you have the background music to listen to as well? I like to leave music on when I sleep and I've been searching for this exact song ever since I heard it. It helped me through so much and I just get these chills every so often when listening to this. The pauses between chakras was perfectly timed!! Just… thank you!

  10. Portia Clark says:

    Beautiful and amazing healing Chakra meditation . Thank you very much . I wish I could have discovered this meditation earlier. I love it ❤️.

  11. hippyheads says:

    Perfect questions for most of us thank you so much🥀

  12. FAMILY PAGE says:

    This is for relaxing. Nice video I love it. Good for your mind and think positive always.

  13. Shady Queens says:

    i said this aloud to myself so i might as well write it down for you all: this is a really nice video btw *while surfing reddit and listening to this

  14. I have never fully listened to something like this and I found myself crying at time and it was almost like tears of joy….has this happend to anyone else?

  15. KarenM BMcC says:

    🌟❤✨good one

  16. Meditation with ads in the middle… 🙁 🙁 there was no ads a few years ago..

  17. This meditation is still just as beautiful as when I first started listening to it three years ago. Thank you, Jason, for making this available to so many people!

  18. SOUL POETRY says:

    Sleeping beauty
    Like share comment subscribe
    When will you wake up to wake up humanity 👑soul poetry
    All rights reserved@ Soul poetry

  19. You have just been mentioned by Russell brand! See link 💗

  20. Bob Jazzman says:

    When looking for a green light for the heart, I saw a very bright blue almost a blinding blue light.

  21. Thank you so much

  22. This chakra meditation is the best one so far thank you

  23. I love his channel so much as an influencer I’m on my spiritual journey I learned there is more than just materialistic goals but also SPIRITUAL goals. And he’s been helping me get in tune with myself and begin to heal..THANK YOU.

    Follow me on IG quay_collins.

    Lets grow together 💙

  24. 4/22/2020 #2. 11:11 🙏🦋❤️

  25. This is my favorite meditation, 3 years on still has the same powerful effect. Now my 6 year old asks me to put the “meditation man” on every night before sleep. Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  26. Miya Parks says:

    I discovered that my sacral chakra was dim during this meditation. Thanks for helping me brighten it. 😊

  27. Night 2. 5/17/2020. Thank you 🧘‍♂️🙏

  28. Night 2 x 2! Thank you all who reads this YOU ARE AMAZING~ YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL SOUL! I ❤️ you! 5/17/2020

  29. Emily Page says:

    I fell asleep when I watched one of your vids ahaha x

  30. thank you Jason , I had been feeling the sensation on my 3 eyes area really cool , thank you very much , God bless you.

  31. I'm from Azerbaijan. And I loved your "guided meditation". I listen already second. 😊 Thank you.

  32. i have struggled to sleep for couple of days and was crying every night thinking about problems and depression then i decided to do sleeping meditation. i never believed in those things but since i started listening to yours oh my god it is soooooooooooooo amazing i fall asleep after you finish with your meditation, Thank you so much honestly

  33. Errin Harris says:

    Thank you kind sir for this amazing meditation. My whole body was vibrating. I really struggle to relax during meditation, though i did on this one 🙏❤️ i will do this daily! Thank you for helping me feel at peace ❤️ namaste 🙏

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