A Relaxing Guided Meditation To Boost Creativity | Mindvalley Meditation

This meditation for creativity takes you on a journey into your thoughts and amplifies your capacity to have concepts and create new ones.

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A guided meditation by Phil South. Phil South is a inventive life coach who trains folks to free themselves from limitations and increase their inventive thoughts to unleash a vast useful resource of concepts, creativity, well being and freedom.

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guided meditation creativity


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Comments 28

  1. Mindvalley says:

    How would you like to boost your creativity?
    Get the Omvana meditation app to get even more meditations on your phone👉https://go.mindvalley.com/MeditateMore

  2. Dale Hampton says:

    Music is too loud behind the guide.

  3. It was good and relaxing. No remarks to talk about. Persistant use of this technique will help us to do better in our lives. These words are not spoken fast. These are the things that are said to our subconscious mind. Our Objective mind don't understand it cannot process for the first time. In order to make this work atleast try doing this whole week and you start seeing the results. It worked perfect for me. Nothing wrong with the music or the voice or the frequency.

  4. This guy wants to fit a movie worth of story in a meditation video.
    Please delete it.

  5. Music too loud, talks WAY too fast. This content deserves to be re-recorded or re-edited. Not helpful.

  6. Anastasia C says:

    The voice was soothing, and the pace was just fine. The music was a little too loud. I still enjoyed it.

  7. Thank you so much, I got out of writer's block 💛

  8. It is made on purpose that the guy talks fast, it forces you to have your maximum concentration on his words and it eliminates the possibility of random day thoughts coming in, later it slows down a bit. It is also really good that he focuses on senses other than sight like touch and smell. For me, it was a really good meditation 🙂

  9. Bahar Lashes says:

    Absolutely loved this, thank you

  10. eshan das says:

    The music is wayyy loud, hardly hear anything..not a good video to meditate with.

  11. Gil Shoham says:

    Loved this, but he did speak quite fast when he talked about the essential creativity things.

    ALSO the imagery from the building and basement lowkey felt horror movie to me and idk why 😂

  12. River Girl says:

    It finished too quickly, we should have gone back up the stairs and back into the boat!

  13. Gladys Marin says:

    This is the best

  14. El Doty says:

    He talks to quickly for me. I got anxious.

  15. I actually really enjoyed it. And I look forward to doing this meditation more and more for more powerful and creative visuals 🧠

  16. Lovely meditation, started out with music drowning the spoken audio which is a bummer.

  17. Oh hey it’s mind valley

  18. Every time I listen to this I wind up nodding off somewhere after the “going into the basement” and don’t wake up until the part where the guy asks “do you remember what I said 9 minutes ago?” And I’m like…no, I was asleep, I don’t remember most of it. I should try to listen to this maybe when I’m NOT having my mid-day slump.

  19. SRU says:

    thank you so much for this <3333

  20. I felt as if I was floating at one point is this normal!?

  21. Chitra Meena says:

    Try tunning folk frequencies guys…..

  22. Hollow Form says:

    Who tf is this nigga? And how does he know so much through the meditation?

  23. Koj says:

    Play it slower at .75 speed

  24. It truly takes me to another level and I get such great ideas after it. The only problem is that I get lost in my ideas☺️😇

  25. Alexis Kane says:

    Feel bad commenting negatively but woahhhh this isn’t relaxing at all. Too much to focus on while his voice speaks way too fast to even do so.

  26. This was my first guided meditation. It was really really good. I could visualize everything so clearly. The boat, the water, the island, the temple, etc. I want to paint this scene so badly but I'm not good at drawing landscapes and scenery. The only thing I didn't like was going downstairs because I automatically thought "dark, scary" but then I added (in my mind) lights, a rug, a bookcase, a chair, and a window. Anyway, it felt like I was actually there! Also I don't know why people are saying he is talking too fast. He was saying things as you are supposed to see them. It's supposed to help your creativity. He wants you to be able to visualize everything as you travel.

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