A Meditation for Black Women

A meditation for Black Girls was written by Monet Marshall. Learn and produced by Nia Wilson. Picture cred: Mark Poucher

guided meditation black lady


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Comments 49

  1. L L says:

    Thank you 🙏🏾

  2. 4pageletter says:

    This was so great. Thank you

  3. love this.
    I'll come back to this video every day.
    thank you so much 🙂

  4. BLACK STARR says:

    So Beautiful.

  5. priceless says:

    Thank you 💜 ASE'

  6. Beautiful mediation I’m new to mediation and this really has enlightened me , it even brought tears to my eyes . Thank you !

  7. Thanks so much for this!

  8. peachmari says:


  9. Maia says:

    I found this meditation about 6 months ago and I find myself coming back to it frequently. Thank you so much for this, you are healing us all with your words and your energy. Asé my sister 💛

  10. Freedom is a must thank you for helping me to breath xx My name is Murlena Nedd-Campbell This is my body Trauma I am beyond Trauma In the Black Skin Like God Black Like my Mammas Body . Holy I am And Was Begotten of My Grand mother Tanty Great Grand Mother MUMMY Rose.

  11. This is so very gently powerfullll!

  12. this is beautiful

  13. Wow that was intense, thank you so much. I am not grateful enough in my life!!!! ASÉ

  14. Please put stuff on the insight timer app if you haven't already 💙🙏🏿

  15. Goddess this relaxes me no matter the time of day. Thank you!!

  16. sunearthlocs says:

    Thank you. Thank you. I especially love the section thanking our ancestors, mother, grandmother, great-grandmothers; and, the sections that we are more than enough. This meditation is a beautiful gift. Thank you.

  17. nia ling says:

    This is..wow

  18. Noku N says:


  19. Luv Robinson says:

    When she mention being lighter it made me happy. Always felt like I wasnt black enough always having to mention I'm not mix, always wishing I was darker to wear my blackness because I love it so much. This mediation gave me peace with that knowing im.enough no matter what just knowing I'm enough


  21. JMS says:

    thank you thank you thank you

  22. AE LEARNING says:

    Great video! We like it! Remember AE Learning dot net provide FREE African history resources for students! Feel free to use our content!

  23. Tati Santos says:

    This is so good thank you 🧘🏾‍♀️🙌🏾

  24. This meditation was so inclusive of the different intersections of Black womxnhood thank you

  25. shigz 32 says:

    I live in africa and thank you so much for this vidéo
    Its needed😭🙏🏾😭
    Ps: sorry for my english i speak my african language and french


  27. I am thanking you so much for this magical meditation that allowed me to sleep more peacefully after tossing and turning in my bed because my mind was agitated with the current news seeing our black brothers suffering in America and throughout the diaspora. Thank you!❤

  28. Des R says:

    Thank you for finding me🙌🏾

  29. With everything going on in the world I really needed this. Cried/Released tears the entire meditation. Thank you for helping me recenter myself!

  30. Thank you so much. This is beautiful.

  31. This has got to be one of the most beautiful Guided Meditations that I’ve ever heard—and practiced. Thank you, so much, for recording this.

  32. Yvette Julye says:

    Soul Divine 🔥💜

  33. Mo Chowoe says:

    I needed this more today than any other day and I’m so glad to have found this meditation ♥️

  34. ReeRee Jay says:

    This touched my soul, a smile grew on my face feeling as I was filled with a healing sensation. Thank you my sister, peace and blessings to all my black women.

  35. Asé. This was beautiful and needed. The transitions and the words were lovely and powerful. The breath count felt a little inconsistent but it was all lovely nonetheless. Thank you.

  36. K Golden says:

    I am out sunbathing and I run across this. I have so much gratitude for you and this. Tears streamed down my beautiful melanin face and I am so grateful.

  37. Wow this was so amazing 🧘🏾‍♀️😭 Thank you so much For Sharing 🙏🏾

  38. Stanifermlg says:

    I needed that today. And tomorrow.

  39. So grateful for this beautiful heart medicine. Thank you, Spirit House🙏🏿💛

  40. That was celestial. I feel reborn. Where can I find more things by the creator of the meditation. Where can I hear more from the sister who gave it voice?

  41. Because we need our own shit!👏

  42. Erica Y says:

    Thank you so much. I wept through the end. More folks need to weep for black people’s peace and pain. Ase

  43. This is the most beautiful meditation of gratitude that I’ve ever experienced. Self-love and acceptance…Ase’ ✊🏽❤️

  44. Shay G. says:

    thank you for this 💕

  45. Tanya bell says:

    This brought tears and gratitude to me today. Thank you.

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