20 Minute Guided Meditation For Higher Self (For Beginners)

A beautiful 20 minute guided meditation to connect with your higher self. This is perfect for beginners who need guidance through a beautiful story into the higher self.

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I absolutely love this guided meditation. It feels somewhat magical and reminds me of the guided meditations I used to do when I was a kid at summer camp (although I didn’t know that’s what I was doing!). Now, I use the same magical storytelling to walk you through a beautiful garden into your inner meditative space. By walking you into yourself, this meditation helps you connect with your higher self, leaving you feeling refreshed and inspired for the rest of the day. It’s hard to believe it’s only 20 minutes!

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guided meditation for beginners


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Comments 24

  1. This was beautiful and magical ❤️thank you so much Brett 🥰

  2. Marney Pratt says:

    Every time I try seated meditation my feet fall asleep. This time I tried getting my hips really high (I put blocks under a bolster) and my feet still fell asleep. Should I try sitting in a chair? Lying down? I really want to try doing meditation (I always seem to hold lots of stress and tension especially in my jaw), but I cannot find a position where my feet don't fall asleep which makes it impossible to meditate when that happens. Any advice?

  3. thank you for sharing this very powerful, gentle meditation with us. ~Namaste and Sat Nam

  4. Shashank Rao says:

    Loved d while narrative of wonderful journey…… Keep posting like this

  5. Carly Buxton says:

    I always love your guided meditations. My highest self encouraged me to give the compassion I so often deny to myself, and to extend that compassion to others through my actions. Feeling calm and grounded <3

  6. thank you very much for this journey. learned some things from my baby and older self. Namaste <3

  7. Cris Kantor says:

    WOW! This was SO beautiful, THANK YOU SO much!!! 🌕✨🌼🥰💛

  8. Sharon Perry says:

    I Am Divine…thank you for this beginner meditation! Very nicely done ☺️

  9. awesome meditation. really connected with my other-selves.

  10. K.j.w says:

    This practice is saving me and guiding me

  11. emarflips says:

    This was great.
    I cried and I laughed

  12. I love your videos, I have been using at least one a day during this shut in time. I do have a question – when I meditate I feel like the left side of my body is not engaged, like it's not accessible. I can't visualize anything there. (It might not be related, but when I skim read something I blank out the left side, too). Does this sound familiar? Thank you for your work!

  13. This is sooo beautiful! I love this! Could you please do another meditation for a higher self? Please! 🙏😍

  14. I cannot believe that was 20+ minutes. No way. Felt like 5.

    Is it normal to cry when meeting your highest self and your elder self? I cried and my chest and throat tightened and it was hard to breathe, as usual. I let the tears stream down my face and neck. What does this mean?

  15. Thank you so much 🙏❤️🌞

  16. So beautiful. My tears are flowing while doing this meditation.

  17. 1234 X says:

    I can’t help wondering that the answers to the questions I ask is just what I WANT to hear . Is it wishful thinking to always get the most positive unrealistic answer ?

  18. donna belle says:

    Thank you for this wonderful journey. I cried when I spoke with the younger and older Me. And when you said olive tree. It's like a sign. We've been TTC for 3 years now and if I will be blessed with a baby girl, I always tell myself that I would name her Olivia. Thank you. This really took my worries away. From my heart to yours, Namaste 🙏

  19. Ivan Hilario says:

    Thank you so much for this 🙏🏾

  20. sazeen zaman says:

    So powerful and loving. I cried every time I met another "Self" of mine and it was beautiful. Thank you for this. Sending you so much love and light.

  21. Jeni Scanlan says:

    Another fantastic meditation.
    My baby self told me to live in the present moment
    My higher self told me that I am doing well with releasing attachment & negative patterns.
    My old (crone) self told me not to worry about a thing she said "look at me, I'm here and I'm fine" she had a stick & I sensed she was very very old.
    Thanks so much! 🙏

  22. Holly Herb says:

    💐peaceful garden, wonderful meditation…🙏

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