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It’s simple to vow not to have a look at notifications in your cellphone very first thing within the morning. However in actuality—particularly when your cellphone is your alarm—it’s what’s there, pulling you out of peaceable slumber and racing towards the realities of your day.

To seize—or recapture—the stillness of that first second of wakefulness, Austin-based yoga and meditation teacher Kate Waitzkin recorded a ten-minute guided meditation centered on readability, stability, and presence for us. We wish to take heed to this morning meditation whereas we’re nonetheless in mattress. However you possibly can play it anytime you’re seeking to heart your self within the current and discover some readability and stability.

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guided meditation readability


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Comments 26

  1. Namaste. These videos are inspiring.✨

  2. I absolutely love this meditation, just the way it is. The ball of light did not move fast for me at first so I breathed through where it got stuck without stressing and soon is was whizzing up and down Np. Hope that might help others who have trouble at that point to move through it effortlessly. Great meditation for setting daily intention! 😊

  3. Bel Beccar says:

    This was really nice, I laughed though in the ball of golden light part because my synesthesia was giving me a thousand shades of purple with the background music, I still saw the ball of light, but purple.

  4. Shaun T says:

    This one was very good. Wow! Feel ready to conquer my day.

  5. Law and More says:

    One of the most powerful and peaceful morning meditation. Doing it everyday morning. Thanks

  6. Jenn says:

    The voice ruined the video.

  7. Lou Swan says:

    I really like my 5 am calm before the world wakes up morning meditations, but felt a little whipped with this Emotionless, Matter of fact , Bullet point presentation. Good diction and clarity of voice does not equal calm and relaxing.

  8. This felt rushed to me and I wasn't able to experience the peace I needed. But then, I am so full of fear right now…

  9. Nika_ san says:

    Nothing is happin and i start crying😔😔

  10. R T says:

    Not a very good meditation,just breathing no messages

  11. I feel light and at peace. Thank you!

  12. Remember what meditation means:
    A technique that aims to achieve spiritual progress, in which the practitioner, in a comfortable position, focuses his attention on a thing, or an image, to then gradually empty his mind of thoughts.
    Apparently it's great that you can empty your thoughts, the question is what do we fill this inner void. Because there are serious people who have reached a performance and I confess that this gap must be filled with something. Or we strive for fullness, we seek to fulfill ourselves and this can only be in a relationship with another person. Or meditation involves an impersonal relationship, and it is very dangerous because exposing myself to the unknown empties me to become the abode of demons.
    How do I check if this meditation is beneficial for me? Also in relation to the other, if the other one bothers me, if I put myself in the center and I don't put the other one in the center, selfishness works. I despise the other, it bothers me that he doesn't thank me when I help him, I didn't get rid of pride.
    If I truly love, I am willing to suffer for the other.
    Or all Protestant and neo-Protestant beliefs bypass the cross, flee from suffering. So it is clear that although by their sincere desire to reach the target, which is close, they can never reach it. They can never reach fullness, but they are deceived.
    Our target must be a person in order to be able to fulfill ourselves in the relationship. This person is Christ Jesus, He is the living God, who responds to my love for Him. It can't be otherwise. The Eastern beliefs propose to us an impersonal God of great deception, gradually you let yourself be possessed by spirits foreign to the True God, who will reveal themselves when we are sincere and willing to verify whose spirit we are.
    Behind any energy, or state is a spirit. And if we are not tried enough and do not have an experienced person, or clergyman, to help us recognize the spirits very easily we can be deceived. Demons can appear as light, as angels, as heat, as cute humans or animals, and so on. The demonic work disappears at the call to prayer of the name of Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me, or at the making of the sign of the Holy Cross.

  13. This felt so peaceful and calming. I felt my whole body come into some peaceful sync, anxiety disappearing. This was amazing! ❤

  14. This is a beautiful start to the day. I feel calm and peaceful and ready for my day with love and gentleness.

  15. Thank you very much.

  16. sepularmy78 says:

    It feels like I’m floating in space for a real, such a good feeling.. Thank you and thank for the life I have!

  17. Sven Softe says:

    Thank You !

  18. The frequent lip-smacking ruined it for me. I get cringey hearing someone’s mouth noises all the way up my earbuds, loud & emphasized. Eeek. Couldn’t finish listening to this

  19. Matty says:

    I was feeling it until I was trying to do the visualization and you were speaking throughout all of it. I was very difficult to get back in the present moment and kinda ruined the rest of the mediation for me

  20. Excellent guided session

  21. Moon Energy says:

    This is chani Nicholas meditation?

  22. Interesting channel name for meditation, on another note, good meditation 👍

  23. Felicity Lee says:

    All of this wisdom in a 10 minute meditation! Thank you!❤️

  24. Julia Fuchs says:

    Loved this to start my day! Thank you 💫✨🙌

  25. mario Mazur says:

    This was beautifully done. Thank you

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