10-Minute Meditation For Sleep

In case you are feeling stressed, take heed to this guided meditation to ease your thoughts and physique into falling asleep.

Written and Narrated by John Davisi. John is a mindfulness life coach, trainer, and speaker.
Take a look at all of his mindfulness and meditation periods at https://www.johndavisi.com

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Credit: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/movies/105575

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a guided meditation for sleep


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Comments 47

  1. please do longer videos!!!

  2. Nøah Hale says:

    Please do a meditation that is for grounding!! 💕

  3. Regina Reads says:

    here at 2am. who’s doing it like me


  5. Not gonna lie I halfway fell asleep listening to this but jolted awake when he said sweet dreams 😂😂

  6. i fall asleep with this every night but tonight my head is full of thoughts and i acc listed to it to the end and i’m like… hmmm so that’s what going on after i go to sleep

  7. Holly Martin says:

    The random higher pitched background sounds in this video made it unbearable for me to watch :((

  8. Doug Holz says:

    It is 1:31. How no sleep?

  9. TragicB says:

    I haven’t slept in almost 30 hours I need help! It feels impossible to sleep now

  10. You… yes YOU!!! I am sending you a Spiritual Hug!! Likes/Replies are Spiritual Hugs back

  11. I have problems with not being tired until ungodly hours of the night so I'm going to do an experiment.
    Every day for the next 10 days, I have an alarm set 15 minutes earlier than the last. Imma see if I can fall asleep earlier and I'll update here every morning.

  12. Robert King says:

    Dude, if I could notice stillness I would not be trying a sleep meditation.

  13. AznLow Music says:

    Me watching this at 6am

  14. Who watching this because of quarantine

  15. Great however felt the music was too busy and over powering

  16. Riley Guinn says:

    they guy: Breathe in and Breathe out

    also the guy : keep breathing like that

    me: forgetting how to breathe 😂

  17. KKDynamic22 says:

    Of course I pull up this video only to have a super peppy sauce ad start playing… 😂 Such zen.

  18. Just close you eyes
    focus on how you feel within
    The way how you feel within
    Is the reflection of your actions
    Don't visualise too much
    Just focus on your breath count
    Create a rhythm in your breathe
    And follow it repetitively, when agitations increases further.

  19. I don’t think this wor-

  20. Jade bruin says:

    Yes!! I was listening, did the things what he was telling you to do and I fell asleep.

  21. Gi Miranda says:

    Your meditation videos are the best! They truly help me to calm down and relax! Please keep posting them ❤️ they are amazing

  22. rat woman says:

    When i took a deep breath it made my chest hurt does anyone know what this means?

  23. az romo says:

    I need this on Spotify pls

  24. Andrea Smith says:

    I tend to have anxiety, nightmares and insomnia. The combo had created a mild fear of sleep for me (varies in severity) I typically have to be at the point of exhaustion to sleep. Started watching this video to try to START getting tired. Didn't even make it through.

  25. #GIRL says:

    hi, I woke up at 7:00 and brushed my teeth just to hear your meditation really this is a blessing I watched your 5-minute video and that was also a bliss that it makes me sleepy thx really for this moment 🙂👧

  26. Im watching at 6 am boiiiiis

  27. Me watching this at 3am

  28. Every one watching this at 3 am: 👁️👄👁️

  29. Nao kawanago says:

    i just had an out of body experience cuz of this
    ; – ;

  30. Ecem Çiçek says:

    Am I the only one who got scared from the background music

  31. Meditation says:

    i have been doing this, and it works wonders

  32. Andrea Felix says:

    You searched it trying to it while laying down 😅😂 breathing is difficult 😄

  33. Joe Smith says:

    Its calming and just.so relaxing

  34. Idk what happened but I woke up at 2am and I'm scared

  35. it worked! I'm asleep

  36. Hopeydopey says:

    I was doing so well but then I felt myself going into sleep paralysis and said " yeah no💕"

  37. It's working for everyone except for me I guess.. I have TOO much going on in my head. Oh my god I want this to work

  38. Would you guys consider putting this on Spotify? I’d love the option to put it on my google home speaker.

  39. It’s 5:38 am hehe

  40. GabeArang says:

    That sweet dreams at the end ruined it.

  41. Brynlee Mize says:

    I just love this meditation and I always fall to sleep three minutes in😴😊😋

  42. someone says:

    him: feel all the air leave your body me: farts

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