10-Minute Meditation For Anxiety

Take a second and let this guided meditation relieve your nervousness.

Written and Narrated by John Davisi. John is a mindfulness life coach, instructor, and speaker. Try his mindfulness and meditation periods each weekday at https://www.twitch.television/mrmndfl.

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Credit: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/movies/102576

Licensed through Audio Community


a guided meditation for nervousness


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Comments 36

  1. Lil Sprout says:

    Who still has anxiety?

  2. eXplorer says:

    Nice video!

  3. Someone 1.0 says:

    Thank you So much For this Video It helped Me alot I was Dealing With Anxiety/Deserealization For a while now and It just Makes Me tired of life…Im Crying Everyday bc Im scared😓…(Sorry For my Bad English..)

  4. So powerful thank-you. It helped me a lot

  5. I have heart problems and bad anxiety, the love of my life left me, and this relaxed me major thank you

  6. I just posted this today on facebook I hope this helps someone as it is helping me thank you

  7. Thank you so much. Your words calmed me during a panic attack and i am really grateful.

  8. Edw W says:

    when he mentioned letting go of the anxiety i picture it as a stone being thrown in a pond. I feel much better. my muscles are relaxed and I am even breathing better.

  9. Lily McLaren says:

    I had stress from highschool but that has helped a lot

  10. Low key, got so relaxed fell asleep and when he stopped talking I shocked awake.. 😂 can I just have a track of you talking for an hour? I think that’s what I need haha

  11. WOLFXK says:

    A small channel for you to relax after class, after work, and for something that makes you think .. Milk tea for the soul …. Thank you for supporting my channel.

  12. I do feel a bit more relaxed, but I feel I would have benefited more if there was a little less talking, and more space to process what you were asking, instead of jumping into the next step.

  13. All his questions made me get more anxiety

  14. My Anxiety is like a tooth in coke

  15. I don't know what's wrong with me…
    I tried meditating and I just couldn't I cried my eyes out!

    It's Hard… When your best best friend tells you to go kill yourself…

  16. Art Meneses says:

    Wish I hadn't sold my big old house–kids had to move back with us after we already "downsized" and now there's really no place in the house where I can do this. Inability to meditate just makes me even more anxious.

  17. my anxiety has come back thanks to the area i’m in and the pandemic and the fact i’m stranded with no income of my own. doesn’t help that I smoke and my withdrawals worsen my anxiety and one of my symptoms is shortness of breath and one of the covid symptoms is shortness of breath so then I get even more anxious about that. these types of videos do help though

  18. Uj Blink says:

    Being a doctor myself, I can't stop myself from praising your work. I enjoyed the way how you made me realize it was just my judgement and made-stories about the situation that was eating me from inside. I feel so free. Thanks man !

  19. it Was good, but when you dont have space to meditate and you are constantly in an toxic environment .. 😭😢🥺

  20. Harry says:

    Dude I zoned out so much and got so lost in the emptiness of everything that I was ignoring his voice when he said focus on my voice , I was so chilled out

  21. Diana Avila says:

    Great videos! Thank you so much 🙏

  22. I wish it was much longer than only 10 mins…
    He has got that healing voice ❤️❤️

  23. Recently I have discovered meditation. I started meditating once a day as well as listening to some spiritual audiobooks on daily basis. I can feel the difference in my life. This experience motivated me to create a video How to Start to Meditate and Why Should You Do it on my channel. Please have a look. Namaste

  24. Thank you a lot, this video really helped me.

  25. I felt the frustration and anxiety I had before just go and I felt like I had a clear resolution in my mind over the problem causing me anxiety.

  26. I cried of happiness is that normal

  27. “The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you.” David Lynch

  28. I feel calmness and silence in my mind and mental clarity beyond thankful

  29. Brenda Monge says:

    I fell asleep! Nice nap🤤

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