10 Minute Deep & Powerful Higher Self Guided Meditation

In just 10 minutes, this Guided Meditation will bring you into a deep and powerful connection with your Higher Self. Now Available for Download: http://greatmeditation.wixsite.com/guidedmeditations?wix-music-comp-id=comp-jd9ae3r4&wix-music-track-id=5651442522128384

guided meditation higher self


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Comments 37

  1. Amber Lauryn says:

    wow I had tears rolling down my cheeks and a smile on my face. I truly felt connected and "one" with the universe. this is amazing. Thank you so much, I will be saving this to my favorites!

  2. Donna Bishop says:

    This mediation made me feel relaxed and happy. I have a question is the spirit you are talking about is that energy and you name it spirit? I am new to listening to your mediations

  3. Jan Boardman says:

    Thank you very much most restful and calming 🙏💜

  4. Hi Bella hope you enjoy Ute death smell pant s

  5. alain904 says:

    Thank you from Brussels for this 10 minutes of meditation and connection

  6. I got the message 'remember who you are' during this meditation. I loved it ❤️

  7. Jake says:

    Like a week ago I did my first meditation and I was hella high and i was hella fidgety and couldn't do it for long then I through up for like 1hr and I believe my first meditation after ages while I was high just forced all of the negativity out and I've felt way different like all my negative thoughtsi used to resonate with them now I just be telling my mind to Stfu and just ignore it.

  8. Very powerful!

  9. Vicky DAVIS says:

    I love all your guided meditation but, this one was very different I saw a burst of colors,like a flame that burst into all colors of the rainbow … not sure how to describe but it was something I never experienced before. Thank you

  10. Thank you! 🙏🏻 💜 Really good one 👍🏻🤗

  11. Leidy Torres says:

    This was truly beautiful. It felt amazing!

  12. This was an amazing meditation ❤️ thank you. Exactly what I was looking for

  13. Tman Brizzy says:

    Who also got confused when you found out about the matrix?

  14. Was looking for something short after my other practices & this was perfect! Thankyou 🌟

  15. I felt a loving feeling through my body, a warmth acceptance. It’s a step in the right direction for me. 🙏🏻

  16. The Empress says:

    I began having a spiritual awakening like a year ago. I have pent up so much past transgressions and tried to just skip past the work and become source or my higher self. This meditation somehow broke me down. I cried for the first time in months and I had to finally except that I am worthy of all the goodness coming into my life. Thank you.

  17. Tom & Harold says:

    I was close to astral projecting again, but I was distracted and it wasn't long enough👍

  18. Hey! Why i see the White light while doing meditation??🤗thn u😊

  19. Anna R says:

    I listen daily, each morning. I simply love the narrators voice….absolutely soothing and calming…takes me into a beautiful spiritual 10 min journey….. love this experience totally 🙂

  20. I am steadfast in my appreciation for this meditation.😊 Thank you.

  21. Great meditation. Thank you!

  22. Thank you so much!

  23. J. Arias says:

    I was repeating wt the narrator was saying. With my incense lit and my stones around I feel good. Normally meditations make my body heat rise and I sweat this one made me feel warm or maybe it’s because I’m under the ceiling fan 🙏🏼

  24. Kat S says:

    This meditation is very good for re- centring yourself. I sometimes get really bad anxiety. This meditation has encouraged me to move past this comeback feeling renewed. Thank you 😊

  25. Did u know it was Jesus that told us to meditate into finding ourselves,. It wasn’t Hinduism nor Buddhism. Christian was the first.

  26. Best meditation I've ever experienced. Thank you.

  27. indian jai says:

    My mind is clear after doing this meditation.

  28. marc wood says:

    One of my favorite meditations

  29. Definitely feeling relaxed. I love to mediate and love to try different meditation videos. 💗 What a soothing voice, thank you.

  30. Donna Tella says:

    i had had goose bumps as i was also talking and thanking my Higher Self. Goose bumps as i picture the Source Light swirl around me. Thank U, it felt great.

  31. SaMsMuSe says:

    just makes me want to stab someone

  32. Karen Rowe says:

    Very soothing, settling meditation-thank you

  33. I'm awakening 😌

  34. dennizze says:

    Can I find somewhere only the music playing in the background?I love it!

  35. Emily Anne says:

    saw a flash of white and then black circles with faint ring of light (orange) overlapping and moving around each other….. then it took a few seconds or so to re adjust to the light of room when my eyes opened???

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