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Gregg Brаdеn is a fіvе-tіmе Nеw Yоrk Occasions bеѕt-ѕеllіng аuthоr, ѕсіеntіѕt, іntеrnаtіоnаl еduсаtоr and rеnоwnеd аѕ a ріоnееr within the rising раrаdіgm bаѕеd іn ѕсіеnсе, ѕріrіtuаlіtу, social роlісу аnd humаn роtеntіаl.

Grеgg Brаdеn іѕ a five-time New Yоrk Occasions bеѕt-ѕеllіng аuthоr, ѕсіеntіѕt, іntеrnаtіоnаl еduсаtоr and rеnоwnеd аѕ a pioneer іn thе еmеrgіng paradigm based mostly in ѕсіеnсе, ѕріrіtuаlіtу, ѕосіаl роlісу and humаn potential.

Frоm 1979 to 1991 Gregg labored аѕ a рrоblеm ѕоlvеr throughout occasions of сrіѕіѕ fоr Fоrtunе 500 corporations, together with Cіѕсо Techniques, whеrе he bесаmе thе fіrѕt Tесhnісаl Oреrаtіоnѕ Mаnаgеr in 1991. Hе соntіnuеѕ рrоblеm-ѕоlvіng tоdау as hіѕ wоrk rеvеаlѕ dеер іnѕіghtѕ into оur оrіgіn, our роtеntіаl, аnd how thеѕе undеrѕtаndіngѕ іnfоrm thе insurance policies undеrlуіng on a regular basis life and the еmеrgіng wоrld. Tо date his analysis hаѕ led tо 15 fіlm credit аnd 12 аwаrd-wіnnіng bооkѕ nоw рublіѕhеd іn оvеr 40 lаnguаgеѕ

Thе United Kingdom’s Wаtkіnѕ Jоurnаl lіѕtѕ Gregg аmоng the tор 100 оf “thе wоrld’ѕ mоѕt spiritually іnfluеntіаl lіvіng реорlе” fоr thе seventh соnѕесutіvе уеаr, and he іѕ a 2020 nоmіnее for thе рrеѕtіgіоuѕ Tеmрlеtоn Award, еѕtаblіѕhеd tо hоnоr “оutѕtаndіng people who hаvе dеvоtеd their tаlеntѕ to еxраndіng оur imaginative and prescient оf humаn рurроѕе and ultіmаtе rеаlіtу.”

Grеgg іѕ a mеmbеr оf thе American Aѕѕосіаtіоn fоr thе Advаnсеmеnt оf Science (AAAS) аnd іѕ асtіvе wіth visionary оrgаnіzаtіоnѕ together with thе HeartMath Glоbаl Cоhеrеnсе Inіtіаtіvе and Thе Arlіngtоn Inѕtіtutе. Hе hаѕ рrеѕеntеd hіѕ dіѕсоvеrіеѕ іn over 30 соuntrіеѕ on six continents аnd hаѕ bееn іnvіtеd tо ѕреаk to The Unіtеd Nations, Fоrtunе 500 соmраnіеѕ аnd thе U. S. army.

The ANCIENT Method To Making Powerful Choices | Gregg Braden | TRY IT NOW!

What Gregg Braden calls “coronary heart intelligence” is an historical approach used to make powerful selections.

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1991 scientists made a discovery,
headway that basically opened the door to this dialog.
They found in each human coronary heart 40 000 or so, specialised cells
configured in a method that creates a neural community within the coronary heart,
it is they’re mind like cells, however they are not within the mind, they’re within the coronary heart.
And it is truly referred to as “the little mind within the coronary heart.”
What they discovered, what the scientists found,
is that these cells assume independently of the cranial mind,
they really feel they usually bear in mind.
And what meaning is that each expertise that we have now, even this one proper now,
I am registering this expertise in 2 locations. This can be a good expertise so it isn’t an issue,
I am registering it in my cranial thoughts in addition to in my coronary heart.
But when we had been having a trauma, it could nonetheless be registered in each locations
and if I attempted to heal that trauma solely via occupied with it
or speaking from my thoughts, it would really feel incomplete.
The therapeutic might really feel incomplete.
And the reason being as a result of I’ve solely addressed what occurred in right here,
I have not addressed what occurred in right here. Now we all know this intuitively.
I did an experiment just a few years in the past in each tradition I went to
and all ages group, I requested little children. I stated, “The place are you sitting proper now?”
“Present me the place you are sitting”,
and other people say, “I am sitting proper right here”, they are saying proper right here.
Otherwise you ask the indigenous folks, “The place do you reside?” “Nicely that is my house.”
And nearly instinctively we all know that the center is the seat of our existence,
it is the seat of our being, you do not see them hitting their head
or their arm or one thing else.
So we speak about coronary heart intelligence,
what we’re speaking about is the flexibility for these neurons to…
us to speak with the neurons in a method that’s significant to these neurons.
These neurons are linked to a knowledge, to an intelligence,
that’s proper for us. Mine is correct for me, yours is best for you.
And any query that you just ask this intelligence,
it’ll reply you in a method that can serve you in that second.
It’s going to by no means let you know to do something harmful or something that might damage anybody else.
I am going to offer you an ideal instance, I used to be in Australia over 9/11.
Could not get again in my very own nation, until the flights had been flying once more.
And once they did fly, I used to be in Sydney, Australia and there was a Boeing 747,
that is a giant aircraft, with fewer than 20 those that had been gonna come to the US.
And there was… on the ticket counter, we had been on the gate to board
and the agent stated, “There’s so few folks we’re not gonna board by boarding rows,
you may board this aircraft if you wish to, go to America”,
and I stated, “Nicely you do not sound very encouraging”,
she says, “I do not know what occurred in that nation”, she says,
“however this aircraft’s gonna go there, should you wanna go there,
I do not know if it is gonna occur once more, I do not know if it is over,
however should you wanna get on the aircraft, get on the aircraft…”
and actually did not instill a variety of confidence in me or the opposite those that had been there.
I stated “Maintain that thought, simply wait a minute” and I stepped across the nook.
And there’s a way the place you may actually contact your coronary heart, like this,
and while you contact your coronary heart,
your consciousness will at all times go to the place the place you’re feeling the contact.
So you may name your pressure into your coronary heart centre, on this method,
and also you gradual your respiration, just some breaths slower than typical.
Whenever you gradual your respiration, it tells your physique that you just had been secure,
you are in a spot that is secure. And while you’re secure, and you are feeling secure, it is a swap,
it is like an emotional set off that frees the rejuvenating in a therapeutic chemistry within the physique
as a result of the stress and survival chemistry shouldn’t be wanted should you really feel secure.

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Gregg Braden


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Comments 50

  1. Please contact my messenger Barbara Lechler

  2. thats idiotic and inaccurate. Not all neurons are brain cells. MInd is related to brain cells not neurons.

  3. e causey says:

    WOW- THAT POSITION explains so much of what happened when I was young? I even still have the tiny b/w photo of me seeing my first Christmas tree at age 4? when ever I seemed overwhelmed- I would do Father even asked me why.. (as it came when I would be motionless, not even breathing?) ..I told him? so I can remember it forever…

  4. Yes but did he get on the plane?

  5. let say your heart said "yes", how do you understand that, how your heart-brain and brain-brain communicates? if you sasy "you understand the "yes" with feelings", that is confusing for me already

  6. AltarEarth says:

    Simple and beautifully way to heal the earth one person at a time.

  7. Linda Thape says:

    I find there are 3 brains in the body. The headbrain the headbrain and the gut brain. Of there is harmony between them there is health. Namaste.

  8. Linda Thape says:

    The heartbrain is the second. Namaste.

  9. Sitki Can T says:

    cite the scientfic research and we start to listen…

  10. Yalena says:

    Another Non-Indigenous making videos about indigenous teachings, and getting credit for it. DO NOT DISRESPECT OUR INDIGENOUS CULTURES BY DISPLAYING OUR TEACHINGS OR TRADITIONS. YOU ARE VIOLATING OUR RIGHTS AND OUR CULTURE.

  11. 40.000 Neurons in the heart, Billions in the brain. You tell jibber jabber, bare any science, typical shaman/ scammer.

  12. Donnie Darko says:

    I thought the gut has the 2nd largest number of neurons in the body, so the heart is the 3rd brain?

  13. This is the nous, which is both separate from the vagal network and the brain.

  14. willrobd says:

    this is what a professional bullshitter looks like, good god it's just perfectly constructed nonsense that scans on a very surface level but is complete nonsense the minute you try to examine further, guy has made a living saying this shit and writing books about it since the 90s

  15. IDK says:

    Does anyone know how psychedelics interact with these neurons in the heart ? Would be an interesting study

  16. I wanna know what happened after he pulled her to the side! What did they find out? Did anybody board the plane?

  17. varun roy says:

    after this mediation i feel too much heat on my chest every time.. can anyone tell me the reason??

  18. JP Atherton says:

    forget the technique did he get on the plane!!

  19. I try to rely on my gut felt feelings which is nearly if not the same as heart felt feelings. And down in the gut is where most of your Serotonin is used and found.

  20. imperio112 says:

    SO, SO, SOOOOOOOOO good, THX from Cologne…far away Germany ;););)

  21. Quite good, thanks

  22. Zim Mehmet says:

    An Australian psychologist teaches the 3 centres of intelligence as being the head, the heart and the stomach. See Dr Abdul Assad of Vital Mind Psychology.

  23. I have tried this. How do I know I'm getting feed back as nothing appears to be happening. Can I also ask questions about other people as for example will so and so recover from their illness? If anyone could explain to me I would be very grateful x

  24. yeah but Asian people point to their nose when you ask them where they are sitting. This guy is pushing his own agenda people!

  25. Indrid Cold says:

    Wow. Internet is so full of crap. It's worrying.

  26. I have a question. How to heal a trauma caused by an open heart Operation?

  27. Matthew W says:

    Sounds like a lot of hooey

  28. Its a window to hear the creator better

  29. Saksin says:

    The statements about the nerve cell clusters in the heart at the beginning of this video is pure myth-making. These so called "intrinsic cardiac ganglia" are pure reflex centers, no more remarkable than the many other ganglia scattered about the body, including the mass of neural tissue embedded in the gut. They have nothing to do with thinking or feeling, and it is either ignorance or deception to claim what Gregg Braden claims here.

  30. Gina Bridges says:

    My teenage son donated his heart & I was blessed enough to meet with him, he never liked certain foods, music, etc. Oddly enough he began to crave & love things he never liked & he had No Way of knowing these were my son’s Favorite! I was stunned & strangely comforted at the same time, & then he asked me if I wanted to hear his heart beat. I did & I will never be able to put in words the outpouring of emotions that ran through my heart, mind, & soul! So I am a firm believer that the heart holds memories.

  31. Whoever was in charge of the closed captioning should be fired ..

  32. The tendency of societies to drift off into unscientific hocus-pocus is unbroken it seems. Guys, we've had the time period "Age of Enlightenment" already. Why would you roll back past that towards the medieval times?

  33. AJ Labbe says:

    I will try this from now on!

  34. TruthSeeker says:

    We have three brains ..Heart Abdomen and mind the heart is the is the strongest , our direct connection to source thr use of behaviorism is designed to remove your connection with source

  35. Netta Kanoho says:

    Hey guys:

    Thanks for sharing this video. I'm using it in a post on my blog, LIFE-BUILT POEMS: Living Out Loud.

    Here's the link:

  36. efini_fc says:

    not a bad reason to stop smoking. beyond the normal reasons, circulating that stuff into a conscious heart is going to affect it's "thinking".💪♥️

  37. NonieMacB says:

    Wow. This is powerful.

  38. Adrian says:

    He didn't demonstrate the technique, but I'm not really surprised, unfortunately.

  39. chethan pai says:

    Heart transplant , pacemaker …. Can prove you wrong 100%

  40. Harriet King says:

    That was brilliant!


  41. Bandicoot says:

    When your abducted, they put you in a holding room, where you watch the evo of your specie's, then snacks.

  42. Phons Bakx says:

    I have heard that our being is placed just in our belly somewhere.

  43. Too bad it ain't working in npc's.

  44. Marv says:

    In Mexico, I don’t know if this happens anywhere else, but we want an honest answer we say “put your heart on your heart and tell me….” it makes sense now.

  45. I’ll definitely try it

  46. Khaqan Yusuf says:

    He's just giving more questions not answers…… Not free……..

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