Abraham Hicks – Your Inner Being Has The Best Plan For You Just Tune And Download It

Eѕthеr Hісkѕ (née Wеаvеr, bоrn Mаrсh 5, 1948), оftеn сrеdіtеd аѕ Abrаhаm Hісkѕ, is an Amеrісаn іnѕріrаtіоnаl ѕреаkеr and аuthоr. Shе has co-written nіnе bооkѕ with hеr lаtе huѕbаnd Jеrrу Hісkѕ, рrеѕеntеd numеrоuѕ wоrkѕhорѕ оn thе lаw оf attraction with Abrаhаm Hісkѕ Publісаtіоnѕ and арреаrеd іn thе оrіgіnаl vеrѕіоn of the 2006 fіlm The Sесrеt. The Hicks’ books, іnсludіng thе series The Lаw оf Attraction, аrе — ассоrdіng tо Esther Hісkѕ — “trаnѕlаtеd from a grоuр оf nоn-рhуѕісаl еntіtіеѕ саllеd Abrаhаm.” Hісkѕ dеѕсrіbеѕ whаt she іѕ dоіng as tapping іntо “іnfіnіtе іntеllіgеnсе”.

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👉 New Abraham Hicks video by Andrea Roman in Vyond. Workshop: Fort Lauderdale, FL – March 09, 2019
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Esther Hicks


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Comments 34

  1. hey ,
    you are the best !
    just watching your animations brings smile to my face. so lovely and joyfull, combined with Abraham teachings…. enough too lift me up everytime :X
    thank you
    light and love :X

  2. btw, why the camera man always seems upset 😀 ?

  3. This is my favorite AH video so far!

  4. Psyche says:

    Thank Us 🙂

  5. Thank you🙂🙏

  6. Thank you. Follow the good feelings…

    Feel your way.
    Dont focus on what is currently in front that you can see smell taste and touch…..

    What's manifested is already old news… what's going on internally and vibrationally is where the power resides

  7. Katonya Long says:

    Reorient yourself from a physical what is world. What is -is a vibrational frequency of normalcy that prevents the new

  8. Katonya Long says:

    Infinite Intelligence knows. Everything that's coming about there's a pattern about it. Your inner being knows.

  9. I LOVE these animations!!!

  10. Valenstyle says:

    Neville Goddard said,"The Center of my Being remains the same regardless of my concept of myself"

  11. This was such a GREAT Listen! TY! ✨🙏🏾🥰🙏🏾✨

  12. I am in alignment with more frequently in my vortex and source self has given confirmation of even just in general. Ex: I was inclined to buy some scratch off lottery tickets. I spent $15. I gave 2 of them to my roommate. Just on what I scratched, I won $62! I was so giggly and excited to acknowledge my vibrational alignment with me!

  13. 🙏❣️💜🌟🌈💖🌍💖🌈🌟💜❣️🙏724/777perriod24 7

  14. 🥰💕👍🤗

    Loved the ending a lot!!

  16. Annie Morris says:


  17. Manjot Kaur says:

    Brilliant! The best! xo

  18. Geeta Wadhwa says:

    Superb so much of clarity I have shared this with my entire family

  19. Thank you Andrea x

  20. *Since*anything I want….i can hv it

  21. I saw my vortex when I was dying in the hospital emergency room from a heart attack. It went from a small cluster of multicolored lights like a kaleidoscope that kept expanding.
    It was amazing. I was not familiar with these teachings.
    Then one day when I was recovering. I stumbled
    on Abraham- Hicks. I can not think anything other than meant to be. I am so filled with appreciation. I didn't have to croak for good!!!💖😊My inner being I feel guided me here.

  22. Djninja103 says:

    Brings me joy every time i tune in. I really appreciate the teachings and the alignement is so real i am experiencing it daily.I Love the feeling of being connected with source..Thank You!!

  23. There’s always another plan!!🌟🙏🏼🌟❤️

  24. Thank you for sharing this. That was very interesting.

  25. Una Anthony says:

    Thank you 💝🌀💫💯🌻

  26. I love the syncronocities, I stopped reading Ask and it is given, Meditation chapter to look for soothing music to meditate and I found this video! The lesson keeps coming up! MEDITATE TO GET IN AN ALLOWING STATE THAT WILL LET YOU SYNCH WITH SOURCE ENERGY TO FIND CLARITY

  27. Miss Isle says:

    so if all 7 billion people want a big house and a big car and to live in texas .. and they can all have it .. texas will have to grow very big and everyone will have to do without food etc .. cool . makes sense.

  28. Viola Garcia says:

    Is inner being the same as higher self?

  29. Thank you,choose the horse ,the cart will follow

  30. yes,true life is ,bear with me,behind the scences,in the awareness ,the guidance,the thankfulness

  31. This is one of the BEST videos I have heard this week 💚🎈✨🙏

  32. Cat Prevette says:

    I am willing to feel my way! Wow. That’s amazing. I can do this. Thank you!

  33. I didn’t listen to this. I used to listen to her daily so I didn’t need to, but I have found Jesus recently and I see now how greatly deceived this woman is. Abraham is a deceiving demon. Highly intelligent yes, seemingly truthful and helpful but deceptive and against the God at the core of “his” teachings. They will leave you astray and down a terrible path which is where it lead to be suicidal and incredibly depressed even tho I was thinking positive and believing for the best. I pray that this woman finds Jesus before it’s too late. Only he can fill that hole not the world and it’s “yumminess”!!!

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