Abraham Hicks Guided Meditation Deep Sleep

Eѕthеr Hісkѕ (née Wеаvеr, bоrn Mаrсh 5, 1948), оftеn сrеdіtеd аѕ Abrаhаm Hісkѕ, is an Amеrісаn іnѕріrаtіоnаl ѕреаkеr and аuthоr. Shе has co-written nіnе bооkѕ with hеr lаtе huѕbаnd Jеrrу Hісkѕ, рrеѕеntеd numеrоuѕ wоrkѕhорѕ оn thе lаw оf attraction with Abrаhаm Hісkѕ Publісаtіоnѕ and арреаrеd іn thе оrіgіnаl vеrѕіоn of the 2006 fіlm The Sесrеt. The Hicks’ books, іnсludіng thе collection The Lаw оf Attraction, аrе — ассоrdіng tо Esther Hісkѕ — “trаnѕlаtеd from a grоuр оf nоn-рhуѕісаl еntіtіеѕ саllеd Abrаhаm.” Hісkѕ dеѕсrіbеѕ whаt she іѕ dоіng as tapping іntо “іnfіnіtе іntеllіgеnсе”.

Discover cruises, conferences and listen to Abraham Hicks in particular person by going to her web site https://www.abraham-hicks.com

Comply with Abraham Hicks YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/person/AbrahamHicks

Abraham Hicks Guided Meditation Deep Sleep

#AbrahamHicks #Meditation #Manifest

Abraham Hicks audio recording licenced with permission from Abraham Hicks: https://www.youtube.com/person/AbrahamHicks/about
It was created and uploaded three years in the past earlier than any time limitation on recordings being uploaded was positioned.

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Esther Hicks


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Comments 49

  1. Sam Nation says:

    I sleep with this one, love the no ADs, peaceful and greatful you made this out of pure love. I ask Universe to give you everything positive for making this. Thank you so much ☺️

  2. Steph Miller says:

    Will listen to again:)

  3. It’s love
    It’s true
    It’s forever
    More. Say it with me “you are true”

  4. Padma R says:

    Yes thank you thank you thank you universe

  5. Gala Sophia says:

    My favorite❤️ i had a great night sleep and will continue to listen to it and share ! No ads, its just perfect. Thank you so much🦋

  6. Thank you, God or universe or whatever you are….

  7. LifeIsGood says:

    Great piece of affirmations. I am really gratefull. It will be my most like one meditation.

  8. Dawn Rosario says:

    Aberham an Esther the Dynamic Duo of stablelizing the truth of what it means to be a Human Being on this wonderful experience we call life on Earth .

  9. Kelley Fawn says:


  10. I am a kid and me and my mom listen 👂🏻 to this one and I love it and my mom does to

  11. Could you please advise me what music this is please? Namaste

  12. Thank you!!! So much love, peace and joy. Satisfaction personified.

  13. What a gift !! Please keep it clear from ads 🙏

  14. I sleep to this every night

  15. Is this a meditation?

  16. Thank you bucks it is AD FREE

  17. IT IS AD FREE 😀😃☺😆😉😄😍💻📷🎵🎶🎼🎶🎵🎼

  18. shamailah1 says:

    She speaks so eloquently so fast, I can’t catch her …

  19. How can I find the sountrack to this? It's really beautiful…

  20. Loren Goslin says:

    Loved these conversations. Namaste 🙏

  21. Carol Nonis says:

    There are no words for the feelings of abundant greatefullness i have within. Thank you for your willingness to give. ❤

  22. For people who aren't quite sure how the Law of Attraction works, I will give a few examples of how I have witnessed it in my own life. You may then discover that you had already seen it at work in your own life and therefore be able to think back and remember how you manifested the things.

    1. Back in the 80s, my friend and I often went to see famous pop stars do their gigs. one particular time, I had "a feeling" that the person we wanted to meet was in a particular place before their gig. I told my friend and we both ran round quickly to see. ( there was a hotel built on to the concert hall) We ran round to the reception area of the hotel and the lift doors were literally opening as we got there and the person we wanted to see was there. He gave us both a kiss and his autograph. I don't know if the feeling he would be there would be the Law of Attraction (does anyone here know that please?) but I consider the fact that we wanted to see him so much was what made him be there. We didn't have time to doubt he would be. it seems to have manifested instantly.

    2. Again in the 80s. same friend different band. my parents and some family friends took us to the concert (in the same concert hall as the previous band) and my parents and the family friends decided to have dinner in the hotel while they waited for the concert that we went to see to finish. The seats we had in the concert were right at the back of the hall and we could barely see the band at all. when the concert finished we met up with my parents and they told us they had met the band we went to see. The band had walked through a connecting tunnel from the concert hall and my parents were sat right next to the door that connected the tunnel to the hotel. the band had said good evening to my parents! As you can imagine we were devastated when we met up with my parents. However we decided to go back to the hotel the following day to see if the band were still hanging around the hotel. To cut a long story short, the band were there and we got to speak to them!

    3. in 2014, my daughter who lived with me at the time came home from college distraught. the studying was making her totally miserable. However because I wasn't employed at the time (single parent too) she knew that we would no longer get so much unemployment benefit if she didn't go to college. I told her she didn't have to go back to college and that we would sort something out financially. The whole of that same night I didn't sleep for thinking about how I could quickly get a job. I decided I would go to all the agencies in our small town that companies advertised their job vacancies with. I went round the town and a lot of the agencies had closed down so there were probably only about 5 I could go to. I went to one building where there used to be an agency and 2 guys were stood on the building steps on their break from work. I asked if there was still an agency in the building and they said no there wasn't but that their boss was desperate for an Administration assistant. That just happened to have been the role i had done all my working life! I got the job and started the next day. sadly the company closed down in 2015.

    4. in 2016 I used to sit with a friend in the mornings before starting work and we sat opposite a building. at the time I really hated the job I had, and I just happened to say "I could do with a job over there" and pointed to the building opposite. I had previous experience of working in that type of business. I left the job I hated and got other temporary jobs for another year. in 2017 a job agency called me to say there was a job going at the company i told my friend I could do with getting a job at. I interviewed and got the job. I'm still there although this virus may have taken all work from my department. that remains to be seen.

    Just some examples of what I consider to be the Law of Attraction at work.

    Sending much love xxx

  23. This is wonderful. Exactly what I’ve been wanting. Thank-you.

  24. You are the BEST hics and the piano I love it❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜💕💞💓💗💖💝😇😄😉😊🙂🙂🙂😍😘And i am eh kid my name is idris

  25. Julie Bulmer says:

    My life has changed since listening to you .. I literally has so much love for you .. thank you

  26. Kelia Benson says:

    Calming now! Adorable…sleep LV2U

  27. Roy Erno says:

    I do not intend to be disrespectful but I have listened to a few of your programs and I just don't get it, this all sounds like common sense some points you are making is very nice, some are vague, maybe it's the analogies you are using. I must not be thinking in the same way or maybe my point of reference must be different I think in the terms of need s not wants. Wants seem to be a distraction from what is really important to me harmony and happiness, family closeness, good health, compation and contribution

  28. 6 months age I had astral travel. I was in total peace looking at mother Earth from 400 miles above I was in harmony looking at the earth and the stars I was looking so I can reach my travel to the 7sisters stars sistem but I couldn't see it in the heavens so I ended back on Earth. I never forget my exspirance… Never.

  29. O k says:

    Esther….YOU are a BEAUTIFUL soul. Thank you.

  30. 7438705 says:

    This is my saving grace

  31. Joe Longton says:

    Absolutely my favorite Anraham talk. I have listened to it twice a day for a year. This is my go to bed and my wake up meditation talk.

  32. This was my first time I did this, and I was up all night because I couldn't sleep. So thought I would put on my head phones and try this. I slept so good for about 3 hrs. Thanks! Looking forward to trying it again.

  33. Miss Riss says:

    Thank you so much for making this 😘😍

  34. Karen Fleet says:

    Thank you so very much perfect divine timing🌻💛🌻

  35. I am at peace , thank you for such a wonderful awakening .

  36. This is undoubtedly my favourite video of Abraham Hicks. So grateful. Thank you 🙏❤️

  37. Simon Oliver says:

    Long story short: meditate until you are in that detached place which is ~the~ receiving mode, just listen to the thoughts, let it be and you'll get an invigorating inspiration to get off the meditation and get on with your day and everything will be 100% bueno vibrationally point of attraction speaking, incrementally.

  38. Alan Su says:

    I love Ester. I discovered her from the movie Secret. I listen to her and others when I had nothing , just working in a restaurant ages ago. Over the decade I learned and worked in every station of restaurant and ended up opening my own restaurant in 2012. Then I opened a few more. I had 5 restaurants in the beginning of 2020, earning bundles of money. Then the rona happened and I lost most of everything I built the last decade. I still love Ester.

  39. Gobbledygook bollocks

  40. I have just started following Abrahams teachings. My first time listening to this meditation. Hopefully in a few months time i'll see changes. Thank you 💚💚💚 peace & love to everyone 💚💚💚

  41. Vicki Woods says:

    Such a beautiful recording. Her message is exactly what I needed today. Thank you 🙇 💕

  42. nikornnz says:

    Listening to it from New Zealand
    After my 18yo daughter has passed away..2weeks ago…
    Very Calming & Soothing 🙂

    Thanx a Trillion Esther, Abraham, Jerry, Youtube, Wi-Fi, Everyone & Everything for making this possible for us all xx

  43. I thrive on hearing these words as I drift off while enjoying a night back home! Universe please allow me to visit with my guides and 💕 loved ones…

  44. bri zing says:

    She brings me joy ☺️

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