Abraham: FROM GRIEF TO JOY – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Eѕthеr Hісkѕ (née Wеаvеr, bоrn Mаrсh 5, 1948), оftеn сrеdіtеd аѕ Abrаhаm Hісkѕ, is an Amеrісаn іnѕріrаtіоnаl ѕреаkеr and аuthоr. Shе has co-written nіnе bооkѕ with hеr lаtе huѕbаnd Jеrrу Hісkѕ, рrеѕеntеd numеrоuѕ wоrkѕhорѕ оn thе lаw оf attraction with Abrаhаm Hісkѕ Publісаtіоnѕ and арреаrеd іn thе оrіgіnаl vеrѕіоn of the 2006 fіlm The Sесrеt. The Hicks’ books, іnсludіng thе series The Lаw оf Attraction, аrе — ассоrdіng tо Esther Hісkѕ — “trаnѕlаtеd from a grоuр оf nоn-рhуѕісаl еntіtіеѕ саllеd Abrаhаm.” Hісkѕ dеѕсrіbеѕ whаt she іѕ dоіng as tapping іntо “іnfіnіtе іntеllіgеnсе”.

Excerpted from the DVD “From Grief To Joy: Moving Up The Emotional Scale” from Abraham-Hicks.

In this presentation, Abraham helps a number of participants from different workshops soothe their emotions and transform their vibration on subjects ranging from the sudden death of a child and the terminal cancer of a parent, to the loss of a beloved pet and the anguish of being personally touched by the 911 terrorist attacks. More than any of our previous DVDs, this program goes deeply into the most unique and powerful aspect of the Teachings of Abraham – the emotional feedback system.

Esther & Jerry Hicks are the authors of numerous books based on the Teachings of Abraham and their latest book, “Money and The Law of Attraction”, reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

For over 20 years, Esther has translated blocks of thought from “Non-Physical Source Energy” – which she also identifies as her “Inner Being” or “Soul” – and who refer to themselves in the plural as “Abraham” (no relation to the Biblical figure).

Esther doesn’t use the word “channeling” to describe her process, but understands if others do. For more information, please view our YouTube video entitled “Abraham Explains Who They Are”, or go to http://www.abraham-hicks.com and listen to the audio entitled “Introduction To Abraham”.

NOTE: To watch this video in high quality and stereo, simply add “&fmt=18” to the end of the URL and refresh the page.

Esther Hicks


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Comments 35

  1. Thank you
    I had some tough experiences the last few days,including getting rejected from a job.
    This would usually send me into a state of total despair but after hearing abraham I can deal with it in a much better way .Thank you again.

    Love Lena

  2. Thank you for uploading this video. My best friend died yesterday and I'm having a difficult time dealing with it. He was in so much physical and emotional pain, so I do believe he's now in a better place. But I still can't stop crying because I miss him so much.

  3. My former lover, with whom I wanted to reunite, suddenly cut off all communication last Friday night. For the first time since he left five years ago, I am now living with no hope, and no alcohol to buffer the pain (I had developed a drinking problem following the breakup). To understand now that what I'm grieving is not the loss of the prospect of a future with my former boyfriend, but separation from Source/True self, is the most welcome news I could have right now.

    Thank you, Abraham.

  4. This helped a lot. Thank you!

  5. Zeuszgrl says:

    Wow that was good !

  6. David Pearl says:

    I lost both my parents–I am listening closely to this video…I know I can trust these folks….She is right..we are still alive…And yes, I never met MJ or Swayze but I miss them too…

  7. Cdogpyjamas: Esther's process in aligning with the Abraham energy is to first remove her shoes, and also to take off any jewelry that she may have on. A few times she has forgotten to take off her earrings, and Abraham took them off.

  8. Absolutely amazing!

  9. linawwad says:

    Thank you!

  10. Since I discovered Abe a little over a year ago, I've been feeling great more & more of the time. Still, there are days – like today – when thoughts of my ex, who left me 6 yrs ago, make me want to cry for hours. That's why I sought out this video. I understand now that it's not my ex I'm missing; he just provided the means to feel loved by Who I Really Am. So his absence is just an excuse to turn away from that love. If anyone has an Abe-based advice or exercises, I'm listening. Thank you.

  11. Vittoria10538: You may want to read Esther and Jerry's latest book, entitled "The Vortex" which is all about relationships. An excerpt from the companion DVD is here on our YouTube channel.

  12. Patty Voiles says:

    Death has been a very painful and shutting down effect on me , this view from Easter has given me another opertunity to drop the drama and get on my path home. God Bless.

  13. suejann says:

    Thanks for this video. My mother passed away in April, then my husband last month in July. I have never felt such pain and despair in my life. It hurts so bad. This video helped me understand what my husband has always told me "there is no death". And hearing Abraham say that I can have access to him in a closer and fuller way than before gives me something to focus on and look forward to. Before I just wanted to croak too.

  14. Lubzi says:


  15. Its tough to understand the basic core of LOVE and its totaly contradicting logic, but when you find the feeling place of it, you do not understand it, YOU KNOW IT FOR THE TRUTH IT IS!!!

  16. John Dennery says:

    This helped me immensely!!!

  17. @FinalFlash555 Abraham loves it all, including death, but they love life more.

  18. I have seen this one 20 times and no matter how often, I always get something extra from such a wisdom. I really love them.

  19. @Vittoria10538 very well said… i agree totally!

  20. SpookyAL says:

    RIP JERRY HICKS Have fun in the VORTEX and send us a psychic postcard or two 😉

  21. MariaK says:

    From Grief to Joy……what a wonderful video. The only way to view the death/dying/passing over experience. Thank you so very very much Abraham. Everyone should know and feel this.

  22. starry fox says:

    Thank you for everything that you do.

  23. I love your teachings! Thank You

  24. Mark White says:

    As soon as you die you'll feel all the love and answers you longed for in life.

  25. My dad died two days ago and this was just what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  26. Amen! He is free at last :)!

  27. L.J.C. Loves says:

    Thank you : )

  28. awesome teachings- Thank you –  take me to source. let me be aligned now !

  29. Thank you! Because  of this I was able to gain a greater perspective as to my relation with parents and the separation I have always felt. Just opened my eyes to a bigger picture and I am thankful. Peace!

  30. Kindred Kai says:

    Wonderful.  Thank you so much for posting this!!!

  31. YAEL888 says:

    Huge insights here.

  32. Yawel Wei says:

    Profound. Thank you for the generous share.

  33. sqweezel says:

    There is no separation except that which resistance creates. Beautiful.

  34. robcorreia says:

    God bless you Esther

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