Deepak Chopra gets nailed by Richard Dawkins

Dеераk Chорrа,M.D., F.A.C.P, fоundеr оf The Chорrа Fоundаtіоn, a nоn-рrоfіt еntіtу fоr rеѕеаrсh on wеll-bеіng аnd humаnіtаrіаnіѕm, аnd Chорrа Glоbаl, a mоdеrn-dау health company at thе іntеrѕесtіоn оf science аnd ѕріrіtuаlіtу, іѕ a wоrld-rеnоwnеd ріоnееr іn integrative mеdісіnе and реrѕоnаl trаnѕfоrmаtіоn. Chорrа is a Clіnісаl Prоfеѕѕоr of Fаmіlу Mеdісіnе аnd Public Health аt the University оf Cаlіfоrnіа, Sаn Dіеgо аnd ѕеrvеѕ аѕ a senior ѕсіеntіѕt with Gаlluр Organization. Hе іѕ thе author оf over 89 books trаnѕlаtеd іntо оvеr forty-three lаnguаgеѕ, including numerous New Yоrk Tіmеѕ bestsellers. His 90th bооk and national bestseller, Mеtаhumаn: Unlеаѕhіng Yоur Infіnіtе Pоtеntіаl (Hаrmоnу Books), unlосkѕ thе secrets to mоvіng bеуоnd оur рrеѕеnt lіmіtаtіоnѕ tо ассеѕѕ a field of іnfіnіtе possibilities. TIME mаgаzіnе hаѕ dеѕсrіbеd Dr. Chорrа as “one оf the top 100 hеrоеѕ and icons оf thе сеnturу.”

One of those interviews or moments I actually agree with Richard Dawkins.

I had listened to a few speeches with Mr Chopra, and even me a believer in ID, I got annoyed with his below standard level of thinking. These are the enemies of reason!

Well done Richard!

Deepak Chopra


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Comments 50

  1. Puro says:

    Don't you just want to punch dumb people, some times?
    "Really, god exists" PUNCH
    "seriously, you can change gender" PUNCH
    "Atoms are aware" PUNCH

    I am a pacifist, but anti-science people are messing with my calmness with their idiocy.

  2. best porn I've ever seen!

  3. I really enjoy listening to Deepak Chopra.

  4. Azar Mi says:

    "A lot of times patients feel healed even though they might die of diseases" 🤣🤣🤣

  5. its called ganja it makes you feel healed and can make pain bearable

  6. Raul Suri says:

    Dawkins might not heard anything about Placebo Effect…
    He should attend coaching classes of Deepak Chopra

  7. DokktorDeth says:

    Chopra is a snake-oil salesman. His only truth is Mammon, end of story.

  8. DokktorDeth says:

    Chopra: Taurus Excretum by the bucketload.

  9. marada460 says:

    Deepak gadha

  10. We are eternal at the end of the day….Dawkins can contest it all he wants but once you exist you always will..You just change form.. Nothing really exceed dies.

    The ignorance though amazes me..Science is basically a religion..People looking through that one lens and nothing else taken into consideration. M as les me laugh everyone. Dawkins has a strange ego 😃🤣

  11. toma says:

    i dont think to feel pressure is lying, i have my convictions but in a debate i would be nervous

  12. A lot of “it may be”.
    I’m sure it “definitely” costs a lot.

  13. Hugh Mungus says:

    Chopra is another version of the indian phone scammers praying on the innocent and naive.

  14. Walkabout says:

    This video is biased and spliced together different parts of the conversation that were not contiguous. See longer version here:

  15. Jorge Ivan says:

    Madonna, Michael Jackson and Hillary Clinton followed Deepak??? I don’t know about you, but after seeing the outcomes of these three individuals, i am not impressed….

  16. nik Lazz says:

    2:42 Chopra BS in full retard mode >>>>> "there are a school of physicists who believe that quantum leaps for example are examples of discontinuity and creativity in consciousness is also an example of discontinuity and that healing may be a biological phenomenon that relies on biological creativity that at very fundamental levels it may be a discontinuous phenomenon it's something unpredictable that happens in the proliferation of uncertainties"

    Please take some time and analyze that, and try to make some sense out of it. It IS NOT possible! THAAAT is CHopra! He repeats the same words over and over in different order to make you feel that he actually KNOWS what he is talking about. Nothing of what he said in the above quote makes sense or can be explained as a process or steps to be achieved as scientifically proven theories are. Chopra has mastered the art of talking about absolutely NOTHING in a soothing, calmed way acting as if he level above you knowing this things "HE KNOWS" and that you DONT KNOW and DONT understand and that HE CAN'T explain either…

    Please stop giving this guy attention and money, it is all he wants from you!

  17. Mr. Unknown says:

    Those fcking arrogant mathematicians telling ME! that 2×6 equals 12 . . .

  18. kjell159 says:

    I didn't know Richard Dawkins was a dog nut.
    So we actually have 2 idiots here.

  19. I don't think he said at all that he has a disdain for science.
    I don't subscribe or follow him but certainly true what he said about an certain a mount of fundamentalism in science. It has become a type of religion for some just as evangelism although both are objectively flaud to a more or lesser degree as to some of human experience. Scientific and quantum theories are constantly developed and changed and proving a lot of them false as well as the fact that a theory is just a theory, just as a belief is just a belief. Obviously there are also truth in both. Neither is objectively and absolute truth or reality. Perhaps better to stop criticism of others and trying to change them and thier beliefs and rather change and be positively critical of oneself. No one has all tge answers and everyone is looking,.. At least a few, some more so than others. There is truth for everyone and in thier own experience and that makes life kinda fun and Interisting. Just don't take yourself and yiyr opinion too seriously cause in all likelihood no one else does

  20. greylynnjr says:

    The west is progressive but history shows why we have come to the present moment. Its all relative

  21. voldmerot says:

    Yeah Deepak's full of shit but if we're being completely honest Richard isn't far behind him in that context, is he? I mean who the fuck is he to curate what people think about quantum physics when he isn't widely considered an authority on that subject. His word on quantum physics is just as bollocks as Chopra's in my opinion.

  22. Sam Silva says:

    Deepak Chopra!!!! What a fraud. How on earth can anyone looking at him think he’s spiritual.

    Also Chopra: "Listen to me, I know what I am talking about, I am right! patients feel healed even though they die from a disease!"

  24. I thumbed down. Video title misleading. I thought Richard dawkins was actually gonna ram deepak in the ass

  25. Susan Morris says:

    Deepak you know your stuff I like to keep an open mind you have given me lots of positive information than you and god bless you and eckhart 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  26. Nik B says:

    Dawkins is a deluded atheist who cant grow past his false ego and Chopra is in idiot that takes everything from sacred informative texts I.e vedas and tries to commercialise them with his own spiritual twist on it. Krishna have mercy on both of them.

  27. Joe Shepherd says:

    Surely it would have been easier to use two cameras. I could literally feel the cameraman lunging back and forth…

  28. VAZZU says:

    Richard should meet Sadhguru.

  29. He's nervous because Mr Dawkins is hostile. Bent on proving or disproving. Fact is, call it what you like. Belief systems are strong . Matter in biology responds to thought. Fools make up incomprehensible terms to protect their egos and separate themselves from others by positions of authority

  30. Quantum physics is a metaphor like a metaphor is to quantum physics…free your mind….Deepac proceeds to a running start and jump to next building.

  31. NomaD says:

    curb your quantum mysticism.

  32. H M says:

    Last lines said by Chopra true right now.. Welcome to science made pandemic of COVID-19

  33. jitu verma says:

    Deepak didn't actually say anything 🙁

  34. Tyberias1337 says:

    Richard is a patient man, i wouldn't even spend 1 minute of my life listening to that idiot deepak.

  35. Ok there's "western science" now!!
    I'm a fan of Dawkins and not a fan of Chopra but that phrase makes it sound like since is western discipline when it isn't exclusive to west

  36. r.k deka says:

    Please don’t say stupid things Mr Chopra

  37. Maria Martin says:

    Richard is trying to make Mr Chopra angry… Mr Chopra just gives his inteligent opinion and as gentleman.

  38. Surfer Rosa says:

    Deepak Chopra’s assertion that a correct mindset alone can cure any illness is dangerous. As poor as his alternative medicine is, his guided meditations are very relaxing and empowering and would highly recommend them.

  39. ziggy stark says:

    Surely he can think away those bags under his eyes. Sheesh

  40. MrLGD1234 says:

    And there goes a few IQ points

  41. Prayukth K V says:

    Little knowledge is a dangerous thing..this chopra thrives on it…

  42. REAL KANNIFF says:

    Deepak Chopra in 2004 in the debate with Sam Harris and Michael shermer said it is a hypothesis ,
    How can you be this charlatan and hypocrite to mislead people by amazing realm of quantum mechanics ?
    And still talking morality

  43. Deepak Chopra is headed to disaster.

  44. Charles K says:

    Both of you fools are talking out of your ass to make some stupid word salad arguments.

  45. Here most of peaple criticising deepak chopra as they are materialist. They want to expose the secret of universe in the small lab of science . Rightly said deepak that western science are arrogant.

  46. tz zrd says:


  47. Mc Auto says:

    Any one who believe Chopra the crook…is an idiot and. deserve to be fooled ..

  48. fiendin281 says:

    deeprat is no match for dawkins!

  49. DiskTuna says:

    Sounds like a …. Word salad is the word you're looking for Dr. Dawkins …

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