Deepak Chopra destroyed by himself

Dеераk Chорrа,M.D., F.A.C.P, fоundеr оf The Chорrа Fоundаtіоn, a nоn-рrоfіt еntіtу fоr rеѕеаrсh on wеll-bеіng аnd humаnіtаrіаnіѕm, аnd Chорrа Glоbаl, a mоdеrn-dау health company at thе іntеrѕесtіоn оf science аnd ѕріrіtuаlіtу, іѕ a wоrld-rеnоwnеd ріоnееr іn integrative mеdісіnе and реrѕоnаl trаnѕfоrmаtіоn. Chорrа is a Clіnісаl Prоfеѕѕоr of Fаmіlу Mеdісіnе аnd Public Health аt the University оf Cаlіfоrnіа, Sаn Dіеgо аnd ѕеrvеѕ аѕ a senior ѕсіеntіѕt with Gаlluр Organization. Hе іѕ thе author оf over 89 books trаnѕlаtеd іntо оvеr forty-three lаnguаgеѕ, including numerous New Yоrk Tіmеѕ bestsellers. His 90th bооk and national bestseller, Mеtаhumаn: Unlеаѕhіng Yоur Infіnіtе Pоtеntіаl (Hаrmоnу Books), unlосkѕ thе secrets to mоvіng bеуоnd оur рrеѕеnt lіmіtаtіоnѕ tо ассеѕѕ a field of іnfіnіtе possibilities. TIME mаgаzіnе hаѕ dеѕсrіbеd Dr. Chорrа as “one оf the top 100 hеrоеѕ and icons оf thе сеnturу.”

Deepak Chopra burning himself and Sam Harris fanning the Fire.

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Deepak Chopra doing Richard Dawkins job

Deepak Chopra


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Comments 46

  1. PoppyB2011 says:

    He throws the word "matter" around like it's profound, when you can get matter out of a bubblegum machine for a quarter. I enjoyed this because of Karma … for what Deepak tried to do to Stuart Hameroff, who I personally adore. Quantum consciousness is where it's at. Hameroff and Penrose are brilliant and Deepak needs to stop. The year of the PBS infomercial are long over. People are too smart for this now. Thanks Sam. Love this, adore your work. ♥

  2. Corvus Morve says:

    Deepak is a joke. 😂 The only people who take him seriously are Oprah and soccer moms who aren't smart enough to know he's full of shit. 😂

  3. Garima Sane says:

    Science is frozen in a dungeon of conservatism and dungeon of orthodoxy!?? Can he hear himself???

  4. He is trashing science while wearing concave lens glasses which is product of science…he is a walking contradiction in himself

  5. 3:23 that guy noticed that he isn't part of the conversation he sneaked in with " or she" just to get an applause

  6. Knob knob says:

    Deepak Chopra's initials is probably L.

  7. Jayesh Y says:

    coloured man owned by bunch of white people.

  8. His net worth is 150 millions like seriously how is that even possible

  9. R J says:

    Hey i took physics in high school i'm a physicist dam-nit.
    Man, Chopra is offending people left and right.

  10. “you are not a drop in a giant ocean, you are the giant ocean in a drop” – choprah

  11. Ravi Hooda says:

    As an Indian I would like to say. This guy is dumb.

  12. Brenden B says:

    Deepak adds a theory based on his credentials and experiences. The others just constantly use rehtoric without proving their rebuttal or theories. Didnt learn one thing from their side!.

  13. deepak spoke so much yet said so little

  14. even if his words did have meaning he would be unintelligent for using them. a smart man can always gauge the intelligence of his audience and speak in a way they will understand. speaking and not being understood doesent mean your audience is unintelligent and it cant understand you, it means you are unintelligent and cant speak in a manner in which you can be understood. i hope that made sense

  15. “Ive taken biology , chemistry and physics”

  16. king nick says:

    lol I don’t like sam but here I do 😂

  17. Deepak Chopra is a joke, but Sam Harris is a junk scientist peddling racism.

  18. LifeOfRy says:

    Deepak Chopra is nothing more than a pseudo-intellectual fraud


  20. Katy Newt says:

    Deepak's tactic: confuse the bollocks out of everyone

  21. Radi Beer says:

    You have to give him credit. It takes guts to argue against the smartest people at the smartest institution.

  22. JJ says:

    Lmao he just rambled for 5 minutes.

  23. JJ says:

    12:1312:36 hOly shit

  24. Jay W11 says:

    As an Indian, I am flabbergasted how westerners give a minute to this Deepak Chopra….or all those business men gurus. So much gibberish, holysh*t!

  25. If what we are doing naked is the very mechanics of creation, did God use the same technique to create us?

  26. Deepak: "You use the word Woowoo, and you're out!"
    Also Deepak: "That's Woowoo!"

  27. Maryt Smith says:

    ​Deepak is just so awesome. Indeed challenger and skeptic and PROFESSIONAL PHYSICIST Mlodnow ended up co-authoring a book WITH DEEPAK!!!!! SKEPTIC MICHAEL SHERMER ended up staying with Deepak and admitting to understand his point of view [finally].
    I said to a Professor : Very nice to hear you are a physics Professor. Much to discuss and outright debate with you 🙂 <3
    I wrote so much to you here: [link below].
    now I've cooled down – there's the truth. Deepak , I and many of the
    founding fathers of QM [quantum mechanics] were also philosophers
    whether or not they had that identity or not: they thought abou tthe
    nature of QUANTUM THEORY [QT] quite deeply.
    In contrast today "physics" means "no philosophy" – only testable provable experiments.
    I admit that Deepak and are not physicists. HOWEVER we are NOT claiming
    to be this identity that you have. Nevertheless much to your chagrin,
    we do, we can discuss QM and GR and cosmology using the established
    principles. That does not make us a quack.
    In fact it makes
    Deepak quite profound ot even be doing this as long as his theory (QT
    not QM) is correct, bearing in mind there is NO ONE QT – there are
    several , all of which have equal claim as long as their reasonable is
    correct and fits with QM.
    I've studied Deepak AND physics [not
    as extensively as you] and for certain Deepak's philosophy is correct
    [meaning the principles within HIS conception are correct- and for with
    QM. But bear in mind – there are other conceptions].
    My original and extensive reply to you before the above illumination:

  28. The last question answered by Deepak Chopra is cut off. That answer crushed that quantum physicist. But, this video is edited in such a way to defamed Deepak Chopra. You will find the full length if you search.

  29. dudes 73 now, hope he hurries up and dies

  30. "you are the ocean in the drop"
    "you have given us this opportunity that you have to stop being the jihadists and Vatican of conservative and orthodox of science"
    "are your neurons doing that or are you doing that?"
    "einstein-science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind"
    "I am more scientifically qualified than you"
    "If I was worried about being embarrassed I wouldn't be actually influencing the people that I'm influencing"
    "To take all of inner science all of the rich inner experience and try to ex qualify it in a graph with data is absurd! (as opposed to what? Just telling fuzzy words?) THAT'S SUCH AN OAT, MICHEAL! THAT'S SUCH AN OAT! YOU USE THE WORDS FUZZY, USE THE WORDS WOO WOO!"

  31. Maryt Smith says:

    So another person here just asked me, Deepak Chopra – to look
    into math equation in quantum physics that he presented and explain

    I knew the trick and implication he was up to and replied
    to him, to any and all scientists on blogs that criticize Deepak Chopra :


    1. Neither Deepak nor I (imagine us the same person) can tell you what the equations means.

    like you can Not tell me what the many different equations involved to
    drive your car means (unless you have studied the requisite engineer
    subject and/or related math and/or related physics: and let's not forget
    chemistry for the fuel element, including chemistry that goes into the

    But that does prevent you from talking about cars with
    great intimacy? Does that prevent you from selling driving lessons or
    even "advanced driving coaching" ? Does that prevent you from having "TV
    shows on cars" like they do have on Netflix and other channels ("Top
    Gear" used to be a big brand name).

    Does that prevent you from writing about cars? Even comparing and contrasting the different makes and years of cars?

    that prevent you from becoming the greatest almost billion dollar self
    made man and brand name that hits "number ONE" on the New York Times
    Best seller – every single time every SINGLE year – the most enviable
    position and wealth ever ?

    Deepak has done all the above
    -outcompeting, outearning, out publishing, out doing, out living every
    single scientist/physicist on earth as a brand name of one.

    And most importantly for the purposes of this thread – there is nothing
    that neither he/or I have stated that "compromises" standard quantum

    To get to the main points:

    There is quantum mechanics that "everyone" And their dog agrees with – the most precise science.

    there is "quantum theory" – which almost ALL currently working
    scientists are FORBIDDEN from addressing [you will NEVER get tenure; you
    will most likey be ostracized from your community in science UNLESS
    you've got a Nobel or tenure already – and even then you may get
    ostracized like DAVID Bohm !!!!]

    3. To superbly compress and summarize what Deepak is saying:

    every scientist is saying you are a zombie, a biological bot that
    imagines you have consciousness – a delusion! This is not science. This
    is a religion – they've fallen into a cult, a religion called

    ii. Science , real science "assumes" you are
    consciousness so that you can decide upon what experiment to do; what
    the control will be; you can "induct" [induction] hypotheses and test

    Deepak Chopra is the only one making the assumption you
    are indeed conscious and this scientist (M.D. : medical doctor with
    specialty in oncology ) has flipped it around and is saying that
    everything in the entire known cosmos is acutally nothing but a quantum
    field; akin to the ocean around the earth (in analogy). The ocean has
    many tides and waves depending upon the place on earth at any one

    Similarly the universal quantum field- a single "wave
    function" , has "localization" that result in your brain and you: the
    fact that you experience matter as objective and your mind as

    Your objective brain – like a old radio in analogy –
    picks up and tunes into some aspects of this "quantum field" ; like old
    TV/radio set tuning into CNN news or BBC or "Voice of America" news.
    The "field" is non-local meaning everywhere and anywhere in every
    "point of spacetime" .

    Deepak saying you are (of) the universe experiencing itself – as aware and with free will !

    puts consciousness as primary equivalent to charge, mass, spin ,
    angular momentum as attributes of a fundamental particles.

    Another theory that many (though still a small niche) of scientists argue today is panpsychism: that matter itself is conscious.

    fact that in the delayed choice experiment, it's as if matter "knows"
    what you're going to do and it independently makes 'decisions" ! This
    even leads Deepak to take fundamental particles are conscious.

    you have to look into his programs to see what he means by that. I have
    given it away: he means that everything everywhere is of the quantum
    field, that he labels are "the field of pure potentiality" – the mind of
    G.O.D: "G"-generating; "O"-organizing (as in self organization a huge
    field in science today with Nobels in tow); and "D"-delivering.

    former partner of his clinic says "D" is for "Destruction" – like
    seasons and cycles in ecosystem, theres birth (G-generating),
    O-organizing and D-death or D-estruction, the "cycle of life".

    notes: you decide – you go with the standard science camp where you can
    do what they do "until tenure or Nobel" – outright ignore, evade,
    avoid, suspend the fact you have a mind – outright deny it [indeed the
    famous LIBET experiments on free will do that – WIKI both of this).

    you can finally join Deepak , real science and grasp you have a mind
    that is potent, with free will that can actualize things [mind power]
    and live an "effortless life" manifesting great wealth and health and

    Certainly what makes America unique since 1776 is
    this is the only nation in the history of the planet, the only society
    starting back then that acknowledged you have a mind with free will and
    an independent life: so you can "be , have or do" anything within reason
    – for you have the inalienable rights to your "life, liberty and the
    pursuit of happiness". NOthing like this had ever happened before in the
    entirety of humanity for you were just a "subject" born into a
    dictatorship whose life was to serve the Monarch under his witch (e.g.
    Pope or other equivalent body: Mullah or Chief Rabbi etc.)

    Go the U.S way, the Deepak way – why not?

  32. Maryt Smith says:

    Just told yet another person that needed science publication by Deepak:

    Quantum theory is generally not in scientific journals. Nevertheless
    Deepak's theorem is in coherence with WIGNER (MIND AND QUANTUM), WHEELER
    "Undivided Universe; Holographic reality" and other NOBEL PRIZE winners
    or nominees or math-equivalent like Sir Roger PENROSE !

    So can we now talk using reason and logic; science and math is fine.

    Roger says that proto-consciousness in the cosmos experiences a
    Objective reduction of the quantum wave as microbules in your neurons
    undergo a collapse within the tension of generativity and quantum
    mechanics. This generates a dose of consciousness ; and according to the
    math calculation that is 4 times per second – that you experiene
    discrete consciousness but experience it subjectively as continuous
    consciousness [akin to the way your mind fills in the lacuna of blind
    spots in each of your eyes).

    Deepak on the other hand goes
    further saying the universe itself is consciousness. Is he implying God?
    Sometimes but I am a atheist scientist – and I notice he refers to me.
    He says the universe is experiencing self-referral and that "is"
    thought, that "is" intelligence: i.e information of the universe is
    being "processed".

    We witness that with the delayed choice experiment where the cosmos "Decides" how it will act based upon your own decision!

    the Nobel Prize winner called it a "participatory universe". I call it
    "Co-evolution". Others state it is "information" of the universe
    [Shannon – quantifiable] that becomes "integrated, non-Shannon" – a mind
    like quality that you experience.

    Chopra gives the broad strokes
    just like Trump in politics. Scientists give the details just like
    Obama [who was said to be so Professorial] in politics.

    Chopra is
    science: because he assumes you have a mind. "Scientists" today are
    into the religion called "Scientism" , a new age mysticism and variation
    of superstition called "materialism" – everything is mere matter – and
    therefore you do not even have a mind, you are a mere biological bot, a
    real life zombie and they genuinely believe that. Some get around that
    by saying the universe itself is SPLITTING FOR YA every fraction of a
    second into innumerable multi verse !!! But that's NOT science! There's
    NO scientific evidence of this WHATSOEVER !

    So take your pick: go
    with the religion of the horsemen – DAwkins, Hitchens, Harris , Cox and
    scientists OR go with Chopra: real science, with the assumption that
    science requires – that you have a mind, the mind is potent, the mind is
    able to have free choice when doing experiments (else it is NOT

    So are you for science? Then Deepak.

    Are you for
    religion? Scientisim? Then DAwkins, Hitchens, Sam Harris , Shermer ,
    Brian Cox or other "new age mystics" today called scientists.

    Take your pick but tell me below…

  33. Maryt Smith says:

    A guy going by the moniker Darwin asked Deepak to put forward physics
    equation. I told him Deepak tells a story , and that gets to more people
    than any other scientist on earth proven by the metric of book sales,
    publications (albeit to the pop press), and nigh billion in earnings to
    date. I told him scientists today tell a story of you being a zombie and
    the universe as multiverse splitting itself into nigh infinite
    universes like in the movie – SPIDERMAN MULTIVERSE!!! ABSOLUTELY
    RIDICULOUS as there is no evidence and in fact scientists agree that
    there can be no evidence either ! How are they better than Deepak?

    I then noticed this guy's name and told him:

    Charles Darwin put forward NO EQUATION whatsoever ! Interestingly this
    is a important topic because Deepak is of the organismic view of the
    universe VERSUS all other scientists arguing a MECHANISTIC view [with

    Deepak is not opposed to the mechanistic view as long as we admit that
    is bounded, limited , useful indeed but "not the whole story" , only the
    'eliminative reductionism" that helps gain some understanding but
    breaks the law of reification . Deepak gives the holistic viewpoint and
    interestingly argues the universe itself is a hologram – with every
    quantu of information encoded in every point (zero point). Today some
    say tha zero-point of space has more energy than the whole of space
    [which makes no sense but welcome to the word of the infinitely large
    and infinitely small ! ]

  34. Alperen 0485 says:

    Wait Harris is critisizing Chopra on God in the beginning? Isn't Chopra an atheist?

  35. corona Bery says:

    Deepak is living proof that humans will believe ANYTHING that promises escape from death. He has one hell of a grift🤮

  36. corona Bery says:

    The guy from a country where they set women on fire rather than divorce, claps in obsequious caution lest Oprah’s minions disown him for failing to genuflect before the altar of feminism🤮

  37. J E says:

    I just wanna know how/why there were so many people applauding his statements, and why they didn’t laugh & boo at his claims until his moon statement. Who tf were they? 💀

  38. Maryt Smith says:

    Do you really think you are a bot like almost every scientist today including Richard Dawkins? That the mind is an illusion; free will is an invention convenient to the church to punish people?

    Ultimately to be really honest and truthful, there is NO way to neither prove you are a BOT or NOT!

    However if you are a bot then science implodes as it assumes the scientist is an agent with free will that is able to make choices including engaging in induction to make hypotheses; and distinguish experiment from control to reach valid conclusions.

    And without free will, you can not state truth, have no identity ; can engage in gross incest with you know you – oddly that gets the highest views on p*rnh*b !!!! What has humanity come to? And you appear to be there as well: materialism as your philosophical base. Am I correct?

    One can NOT prove metaphysics for proof requires antecedent concepts. So what is metaphysics: meaning what is reality and how can we know it ?

    1. Existence exists. You can "validate this". You can identify there is something .

    2. But what identifies existence exists? Your mind. This means your mind is real, potent and delimited to you. We have just validated the mind as real – pertaining to reality.

    3. The above two concepts uses the word "identifies" as in "identity" – Aristotle's law of identity – truth.

    So 1 + 2 + 3 is the triad of metaphysics in that order: existence, consciousness and identity. Now we have nailed "actuality-reality" .

    You can NOT even counter-argue (try to do that though) because to deny 1 and/or 2 and/or 3 – notice you will "use 1 and/or 2 and/or 3" even to deny it falling into logical contradiction !

    For example if you say "but there is no mind" then you are asserting a proposition, assuming it is true. But there's no way to prove the proposition if you deny the concept in your proposition [mind]. So the argument fails.

    By the way the way to know any truth is the methods of reason and logic.

    This takes us to Deepak: he is saying the cosmos is a self organizing system . This is now standard science (the science of complex adaptive systems, otherwise known as deterministic chaos with branches like fractals, agile project management, design thinking and further).

    Deepak is saying the universe self interacted with itself . Using the materialist hat, that means information processing which means a computation. That resulted in more self interactions over 13.75billion years that culminated in you today. He says you are a spiritual being [as in : of the cosmos; staring back at itself – cybernetic feedback loop – becoming self aware of itself ).

    He says the entire cosmos is a single quantum wave (like an ocean ) and there are tides and waves in that ocean. You happen to be one of them: a fluctuation in the quantum field that leads to you experiencing matter as objective reality and mind as subjective reality.

    You are – after all – of the cosmos made of stardust , of subatomic particles like everything else.

    I said to you in another post Deepak calls it G.O.D (and you went BESERKS LIKE A TRIGGERED ZOMBIE by running away like a little girl) . It is quite all right to use a acronym.

    What I realized later on is Deepak's G.O.D. (Generating , (Self) Organizing and Delivering) is DARWIN'S algorithm that I called BVSR : blind variation + selection (self organization) and + R: replication/scaling of what works. This lead to the formation of galaxies and then planets after the big bang; and one of those planets is earth 4.7 billion years ago upon which the first life appeared 3.5 billion years ago ; leading to you today at this age and time that is able to comprehend itself, the universe via my writing!

    There is nothing "un-scientific" about the above. Deepak is brilliant. Particularly at uniting Relativity with quantum physics – the HOLY GRAIL IN SCIENCE! He is saying everything is a deeply nested self organizing system ! Or a computation!

  39. proficient in speaking is never a measurement of intelligence. Deepak Chopra must understand that…

  40. I can make richard believe that he is wrong.
    He is stupid. Deepak could not tackle him with fine choice of words but definitely we are the flask ready to understand consciousness

  41. Maryt Smith says:

    Deepak is correct. I Just told a physicist that argue that reality /physics is unlike one's intuition (like Deepak's sayings) and that I should look into that fact. I replied:

    -> I like your reply: as it's very professional – like a Physics teacher with physics degree in fact. However you do not state the whole truth; just a truth.

    1. Whereas it is true that intuitions in SOME things have been incorrect; please note that those that generated new Hypothesis, tested and proved them were USING INTUITION AS WELL (induction) – like Galileo, Newton, Einstein AND Deepak Chopra.

    So intuition in and of itself is not good or bad.

    2. What you failed to say [i.e. like most dishonest scientists] is you believe you are nothing but matter and everything is materialism. Your philosophy [whether you know it or not] is logical positivism, modernism, post-modernism or a variation of this like skepticism (infinite regress, leading to paralysed skeptic; unable to decided; perpetually stuck in "metaphysical agnosticism").

    Do you see how you are flawed and stuck in a religion oddly called "Scientism". ?

    To repeat: whether you know it or not, realize or not, your thoughts have a background belief, a philosophy. Many scientists are not self-aware of that (and do not care for philosophy which is the irony here).

    3. But it gets more interesting because scientific method needs one to assume one actually has a mind with free will in order to conduct fair experiments.

    Whereas you and others are stating you are a biological bot; a philosophical zombie – a incest peddling person [forgive the insult but there is no ethics left as you or your mother are mere bags of elecrons and concepts like family, love, incest-prevention and so forth have no meaning. To you there is no the selfish gene – an oxymoron as the "gene" can not even "be selfish".

    The dictionary defines selfishness as "seeking your rational self interest" , the key word is "rational". The word "rational " applies to thinking beings , human beings ; not automata!

    Do you see the arguments here? Scientism your religion itself implodes. Even the concept of 'selfish gene' implodes in it's use as a oxymoron. "Not taking a stand" based upon correct philosophy means you are defacto in "incorrect" philosophy, devoid of "Reason and logic". Please bear in mind that man's only way to reach proper conclusion is "Reason" – and NEVER emotions/intuition.

    Emotions/Intuitions are automatic and they GUIDE where to reason (such as make hypotheses) and "act after the conclusion of your reasoning" such as "motivation, persitence, perseverance or even frustration".

    Rationality is NEVER automatic and need you to learn, master and apply "reason and logic" as the only way to think properly in order to reach valid conclusion.

    The point is you have not yet done this in the writings. You have vacillated but I believe I have correct abstracted and inducted your background beliefs and background ?

    So how to move forward? You need to take a stand and be able to argue it. You need to change your stand if the argument using reason and logic fails. That is not too much to ask is it ? It's within the parameters of academic. Correct?

    Why not learn master and integrate Deepak? Then you can use it in science: talking, writing, or class. Indeed Schroedinger , Wigner, Wheeler , David Bohm and others reached a "very very very similar" conclusion to the philosophy and physics that Deepak espouses .

    Listen, all the aforementioned are NOBELS except Bohm that is a nominee. I missed out on Sir Roger Penrose: Stephen Hawkins' Phd Examiner, Oxford University Professor emeritus and Nobel equivalent in math. He also reached a very similar conclusion: indeed Deepak and he share the same stage.

    Isn't it time you took a stand? Now tell me what side you are on:

    Scientisim: the new religion where everyone and everything is exclusively matter and you're a biological bot , a zombie; FOR THAT DEFIES ORDINARY INTUITION BUT FITS perfectly with known physics; or

    Deepak: you have a potent mind that has free will ? And the reasoning is provided by me above , in the different posts and Deepak.

  42. 🌍This is unfair battle. Only one theist and rest of whole are atheists. All materialist dogs🐕 are barking towards a spiritual lion.🐆

  43. The materialistic superstition has taken over western scientists. Now they are coming india, the land of Spirituality being deluded in materiality.

  44. 🔰Where science ends spirituality starts.🎆

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